Class of 2012 - photos

Photos of the Class of 2012

 The first day
The EATM Class of 2012 - the first day.


End of the first week
The end of the first week.


Class of 2012 design
The Class of 2012 - Logo.

Snake handling demonstration
Venomous snake handling demonstration.


At the Camp-out
Emu talk
Walking the Emu
Nicole & Katie
Nicole & Katie
 Alie and Peggy
Alie and Peggy,
the Opossum
Diane and Coraline
Diane and Coraline,
the Kingsnake 
Rainy and Harold
Rainy and Harold,
the Guinea Pig 
Rachel and Sally
Rachel and Sally,
the Snapping Turtle 
Lucy in a snowball fight 
throwing a snowball
Taiki and a cockroach
Taiki, and a 
Hissing Cockroach
 Cooking marshmallows
Dara and Brittany
cooking marshmallows

at Arctic Lights

during the Campout 
 Ashley and Coraline
Ashley and Coraline,
the Kingsnake
Adam and Tilly
Adam with Tilly,
the Box Turtle 
Addie during
a show 
Halloween 2010
Important Meeting
Important Meeting 
Arctic Lights group
Arctic Lights group 
 Danielle with Juliette
Danielle with
Julietta, the Emu
Michael with
Dusty, the Rabbit 
Holly with a
Prehensile-tailed Skink 
Alisha with
Dusty, the Rabbit