Below is a partial list of other animal programs we know about. Click on the links to go directly to their website. We suggest you do your own internet search, using several different search engines, to expand on this list.

Moorpark College, the EATM Program, and Chuck Brinkman do not vouch for the validity of any of these other programs. You will need to find out or discover that for yourself.

We can tell you about our program here at Moorpark College - that is all.

Good Luck !


Many 2-year and 4-year Colleges have Biology and Zoology Programs. These are often excellent programs! While most do not provide much (or any) hands-on animal experience, they prepare students for transfer or graduate work.

Some Colleges have Animal Science Departments or Programs. These vary in scope from College to College. Several are listed here, but you will need to do your own exploration to find the program that is right for you.

Other Colleges have programs with unique titles. Words such as; Agriculture, Environmental, Resource, Bioresource, Ecology, Farm, Forestry, Marine, Wildlife, Plant, Recreation, Landscape, Animal Management, and many, many others - may appear in the title of various programs.  Do an internet search using some of these words, to find other programs.

Here is a link to a site that will help you find information on California 4-year colleges, and the programs/majors offered...

2-year College Programs

Interesting ANIMAL programs found at Accredited 2-year or Community Colleges.

Moorpark College - EATM Program
Provides "hands-on" experience training exotic animals at America's Teaching Zoo.
Located in Southern California.

Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) - Zoo Animal Technology Program
Provides a program in Zookeeping.
Located in Gainsville, Florida.

Niagra County Community College - Animal Management
Located in Western New York

Pikes Peak Community College - Zookeeping Technology
Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jefferson Community College - Animal Management
Located in New York

Portland Community College - Biology and Management of Zoo Animals
Located in Portland, Oregon

Animal Science Programs may be found at the following 2-year Colleges in California...

Butte College

Cosumnes River College

College of the Sequoias
Located in Central California

Veterinary Aide or Technology Programs may be found at the following 2-year Colleges in California..

Los Angeles Pierce College
Cosumnes River College
Foothill College
Mt. San Antonio College
Orange Coast College
San Diego Mesa College
Yuba College

Veterinary Technology or Veterinary Aide programs may also be found at many other colleges.

Other Interesting Programs at 2-year Colleges in the United States

Marine Diving Technology Program - Associate of Science Degree
at Santa Barbara City College - Santa Barbara, California

Diving Business Management and Technology - Associate of Science Degree
at Florida Keys Community College - Key West, Florida

Aquarium and Aquaculture Science - Certificate Program  &  Aquaculture Technical Program   &   Aquarium Technician Program
at Saddleback College - South Orange County, California

4-year College Programs across the United States

University of West Florida - BS in Zoo Science

State University of New York - Zoology
(Has a cooperative program in Zoo Animal Technology with SFCC)

Animal Behavior Program - at Bucknell University
Bucknell University is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Friends University -- Zoo Science
Located in Wichita, Kansas.

Delaware Valley College
Small Animal Science, Zoo Science, Animal Behavior, Animal Science, and other programs

Animal Science Programs may be found at the following 4-year Colleges in California....

California State University Chico
California State University Fresno
California State University Pomona
California State University San Luis Obispo
University of California, Davis
( UC Davis  has programs in Animal Biology, Animal Science, and Animal Science and Management )
Loma Linda University

Private... Non-College Affiliated Programs

There are programs offered by a wide variety of sources.... not all of them are reputable...!!!
Some may be offered by zoos or other wildlife facilities.
Others are offered by private individuals or companies.   (Watch out for these.)
They can be quite expensive.
We recommend you do careful research before enrolling in any of these programs.
We do not endorse any of these programs....

Graduate Programs

Veterinary Schools and Programs

At last count, there were 29 Accredited Veterinary Schools in the United States. (2 in California)
Most require a Bachelor Degree for admission, with a strong science background.
It is EXTREMELY competitive to gain admission to Vet schools.
(It is actually easier to get into Medical School)
Veterinary schools offer different types of specializations. Find the specialization right for you.

Veterinary Schools.....

University of California - Davis
Western University of Health Sciences - Pomona, CA

Oregon State
Colorado State
Michigan State
Cornell University

+ Many More....

Here is an information sheet we have created, that will tell you a bit more about Veterinary School.

Here is a good web site to explore about Vet School.....

Other Specialized Graduate Programs can be found at several Colleges and Universities

University of California at Davis - Ph.D. in Animal Behavior  - Davis, California

George Mason University - Master of Arts - Interdisciplinary Studies - Concentration in Zoo and Aquarium Leadership ---   Fairfax, Virginia

Breyer State University - Masters Degree in Animal Psychology - Online Program - Los Angeles, California
Breyer State University is not accredited by an accreditation agency approved by the U.S. Department of Education.   So this degree will not be recognized by many colleges.

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