Careers in Child Development


  • Teaching and directing child development programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children
  • Operating a family child care home or child care center
  • Supporting a teacher as a classroom instructional aide
  • Working in an after-school program
  • Being a parenting educator
  • Being a childbirth educator
  • Joining a family as a nanny or au pair
  • Working for the Department of Child and Family Services
  • Being a foster parent
  • Working in a group home for children or adolescents
  • Working with children with physical, learning or behavioral challenges
  • Supporting children and families facing medical crises
  • Teaching child development courses at high schools, colleges, and universities

The Child Development Division of the California Department of Education and the Los Angeles County Child Care Planning Committee have even more information on the numerous career opportunities related to children and education available in their publication Career Options in Child Development.