What is STEM Impacto?

The STEM Impacto Program supports both Hispanic and Pell Grant eligible students in building their futures in Biotechnology, Computer Network Systems Engineering or Biology. You do not need to be both to be eligible for the program. 

Program Eligibility

All students who identify as Hispanic OR are eligible for the Pell Grant pursuing a degree, certificate or transfer in Biotechnology, Computer Network Systems Engineering (CNSE) or Biology at Moorpark are welcome to join. As a cohort member, you will be eligible for financial incentives and paid internships (competitive opportunities for advanced students). You will also receive an instant friend group, deep connections with lead faculty, a peer mentor and access to both a specialized counselor and academic tutors. Our job is to help you succeed, whether that means landing the perfect job or getting into your dream school.

Why Join?

As a member of the STEM Impacto cohort, you will:

  • Find your people here at Moorpark.
  • Create a customized safety net of faculty, staff and peers all dedicated to your success.
  • Build a community of students within your major who can help you decide on future classes, share work experience and study for exams.
  • Have access to paid internships opportunities through the STEM Impacto grant. These internships look great on transfer applications and will make you competitive in the job market.
  • Gain skills on everything from time management to paying for college.
  • Be eligible for the semester-end financial incentive.

How Do I Join?

Applying is easy. If you are a Hispanic OR Pell grant eligible student pursuing a degree or certificate in Biotechnology, CNSE or Biology at Moorpark (or planning to transfer in one of these disciplines), STEM Impacto is for you! Applications for Fall 2022 open in August. 


Interested in Biotechnology?

We are offering a free workshop this summer for students planning to attend Moorpark College in Fall22. In two short days learn about degree requirements, hear from recent graduates and do a hands-on experiment! Choose from a morning (lunch included) or evening (dinner included) workshop. Workshop is at Moorpark College.

Interested in Computer Networking or Cyber Security?

We are offering a free remote 3 day workshop this summer for students planning to attend Moorpark College in Fall22. Sign on from anywhere. Meet your fellow classmates, learn about this fast-growing field (and potential salaries) and get to know your future professors.


If you have any questions about whether Impacto is right for you, or when to apply, please contact Melissa Johnson at or 805.553.4764.

Blue Impacto logo features an icon of molecule over a computer chip