Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC)

The Associated Students of Moorpark College is considering changing its Standing Rules (governing document). Please visit BoardDocs to view its Board meeting agendas for updates.

Every registered student at Moorpark College constitutes the enrolled student body and is thereby a member of the Associated Students of Moorpark College, otherwise known as ASMC. Each spring semester the Moorpark College student body elects the ASMC Board of Directors.

What is the ASMC Board of Directors? The ASMC Board of Directors is comprised of Moorpark College students who volunteer their time to serve their campus community as the sole representative body of the students. The ASMC Board of Directors is the college's officially elected student government and exists to voice concerns and opinions on matters impacting Moorpark College students. The ASMC board of directors operate according to their governing documents, the Constitution and Standing Rules.

How do I know what they will discuss at their meetings? Community members can view the ASMC Board of Directors' weekly agendas, available on BoardDocs, for meeting location and access information, as well as to view their priorities and planning.

  • Students table at an ASMC event.
    ASMC Directors Alette Laughton and Angela Batoon (2022-2023) smile for the camera while tabling during the annual Club Rush event.
  • A student addresses the crowd at an anti-gun violence rally.
    Navroop Maan addresses the crowd during an anti-gun violence rally. Photo by Martin Bilbao.
  • 2018-2019 ASMC President Andrew Lopez advocates for all-gender restrooms to the President's Council at MC.
    2018-2019 ASMC President Andrew Lopez advocates to the MC President's Council for the addition of all-gender restrooms.
  • ASMC Board members discuss issues at a meeting.
    2019-2020 ASMC member Zubair Sidhu discusses student issues during a Board meeting.
  • ASMC Board members hand out congrats grad signs.
    2019-2020 ASMC President Kris Hotchkiss and ASMC Board member Rebecca Gabra pass out "Congrats, Grads!" signs.
  • ASMC Board members host a school spirit event
    ASMC Vice President Wyatt Kohler (2017-2018) poses with a student during a Bluesday school spirit event.