Application for Admissions

Authorization To Release Information

  • Authorization to Release Education Record Information

    This form is to be used when you need Moorpark College to formally certify your enrollment and/or GPA for any reason including health insurance, good student automobile insurance discounts, and loan deferrals.  Because your academic records are private and confidential, they cannot be released without your written consent as provided on this authorization. Complete the authorization making sure you identify what action you need us to take and attach any forms you need us to sign. 

California Residency

Change Personal Information

Dual Enrollment

Duplicate Degree/Certificate Request


In Progress Grade Request - Registration Repeat

Registration is normally prohibited where a course is currently in progress. This record allows intervention to permit the registration.  Request of instructors the grade(s) to date in an effort to re-enroll the same course for the following terms.

      Pass/NoPass Request

       Not all courses have the option of Pass/No Pass grading.  Refer to the course description in the college catalog to see what grade modes are allowed.  If you are not sure about using this grade option in terms of the transferability of the course credit, see a counselor prior to submitting this request.


      Petition To Audit Class

      Students enrolled in 10 units or more may, with instructor approval, be allowed to audit one lecture only class per term without a fee. Students enrolled in less than ten units may, with instructor approval, audit one lecture only class per term for a non-refundable fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per unit preterm. Priority for enrollment is given to students taking the course for credit towards a certificate or degree. Therefore, students wishing to audit may register for classes in audit status by petition only in the last two days of the add/drop period.

      Laboratory and activity classes are not normally available for audit. Students are not permitted to change enrollment to receive credit for the course. Students auditing a course are not permitted to take exams or challenge the course at a later date. Instructors are under no obligation to grade assignments of students auditing a course. Attendance requirements for students auditing courses are the same as for all other students.

      This petition requires permission of the instructor. You will need their first and last name and email address to enter as “Participant 2” after you have signed the petition electronically. Once the instructor signs off it is routed to Admissions & Records for processing and you will get a signed copy for your records.


      Petition for Excused Withdrawal

      • Excused Withdrawal Request

        An EW grade can be approved where a student withdraws from a course due to reasons beyond their control.  Excused Withdrawal grade changes may be requested by the student no more than three (3) years after the term in which the grade was awarded. A change of academic grade to Excused Withdrawal (EW) will be recorded only after this petition has been completed, signed by the student, and determined to meet the requirements of the policies of the VCCCD.

      Prerequisite Clearance

      All prerequisites are strictly enforced at the time of the student’s registration; a student’s registration into a class cannot be processed until the prerequisite has been cleared. All prerequisites are stated in the course descriptions in the college catalog and in the class schedule. Allow 24-48 business hours for review and processing, check your email address for confirmation that your prerequisite has been cleared or if you need to follow additional instructions.