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Congratulations on your wise decision to join our community of learners.

We are very proud to announce that Moorpark College has officially been named a FINALIST for the 2025 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence! Moorpark College is the only California community college on the final 10 colleges list.

The Aspen Prize selection process for this award cycle began in October 2023, when Moorpark was invited to apply for the award (along with 150 other community colleges) based on data showing strong, improving, and equitable student outcomes in key areas such as retention, completion, and transfer.

One hundred and eighteen colleges applied during this cycle. Applications were reviewed by a selection committee comprised of 18 higher education experts who assessed each application based on extensive data and narrative answers to questions. After the initial screening, institutions receiving top scores were interviewed by the Aspen Prize team. Our interview took place in March of this year.

Following these interviews , the 20 semifinalists were selected. The committee finished its review and narrowed the field to 10 finalists.

Placing third for the Aspen Prize last year was an immense accomplishment, as it served as a testament to our collective dedication to student success and equity in achievement. Being recognized as a semi-finalist this year feels just as momentous, as it signifies the continued success of our efforts to improve the student experience and provide transformative education and resources to our community.

We are also proud to be ranked a Champion of Higher Education for our sixth straight year by Campaign for College Opportunity as well as the Best Community College in California by The Community College Foundation. We are grateful to have you here if you are a current or prospective student or a visitor to our beautiful campus and a positive experience awaits you here at Moorpark College. 

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We provide the resources and opportunities needed to support students’ academic success.  This year, you will find that our students have more opportunities than ever before.   Our outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators put “Learners First” and their various accolades demonstrate Moorpark College’s steadfast commitment to academic excellence and student development.  This is especially true after the challenges that we faced as a global community this last year.

You’ll find that Moorpark College faced each of the challenges of 2021-2022 with surpassed expectations. In fact, Moorpark College conferred 3497 Associates Degrees and 1704 Certificates of Achievement. almost 1,000 of our 2022 grads did so with honors.

Furthermore, our students excel outside of the classroom by adding value to their communities through their efforts that focus on social justice and equity. Moorpark College provides opportunities for students to link their academic knowledge to their career interests through internships and other hands-on, work-based learning opportunities. Our career education programs were designed to be aligned with changing times and current labor market needs and provide safe learning environments that promote the wellness of our students, faculty, and staff.

Moorpark College opened in 1967 with 2,500 students and 50 employees. Today, Moorpark College has more than 400 faculty and staff serving over 14,000 students.

I have no doubt that you will find that Moorpark College students are primed for success.  This can be attributed to the foundation laid by our institution’s founders and the ongoing efforts of our campus team. When you attend our college, you are joining the ranks of more than 50 years of highly successful students that have transferred to four-year institutions, transitioned into exciting new careers, and who are now engaged in life and work in our communities.  

I personally welcome and wish you every success in achieving your educational goals at Moorpark College.


Julius O. Sokenu, Ed.D.

The President is the chief executive officer of the College. Officers reporting directly to the President include the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President of Business Services, and the Vice President of Student Support. The President also shares responsibility for overseeing the Moorpark College Foundation with the Foundation's Board.

Executive Assistant to the President is Linda Resendiz.
The President's Office is located in the Administration Building.
The phone number is 805-378-1407.

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