Academic Counseling Services  

Welcome! We are here to help answer your questions, make an educational plan, and offer guidance to ensure your success in all of your academic endeavors.

*If you are currently a K-12 student and will be a K-12 student in the fall (August) of 2022, please email or visit the Dual Enrollment page for more information.

Counseling Office Summer Hours: 

In - Person Drop In Counseling:  Monday  - Thursday: 11AM - 2PM


Virtual Drop In Counseling: Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM 

 VIRTUAL DROP-IN (Use Chrome or Firefox) 

Express drop-in counseling is designed to give our students immediate access to a Counselor during normal business hours. Unlike a counseling appointment, which may last up to 60 minutes, express drop-in counseling sessions are 5 to 10-minutes in length.

Use express drop-in counseling to get help with issues such as:

  • Class registration
  • Adding or dropping classes
  • Filing petitions (some petitions may require an appointment if it exceeds the time allotted for Express Drop-in)
  • Checking progress toward your educational goal

Due to the limited time set aside for express drop-in sessions, only general academic and career counseling questions can be answered. For more complicated issues, and for comprehensive educational planning, a counseling appointment may be required.

Face Masks are Recommended Inside ALL College Buildings 

All employees, students and visitors are recommended to wear face masks inside college buildings. This applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status.