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Whether you are a are a new student right out of high school or a professional looking for new skills and a new career, our CE programs offer programs that can lead to a high paying job. You can earn Proficiency Awards, Certificates and Transfer Degrees designed in collaboration with industry professionals from local, national and international businesses. Many of these awards can be earned in as little as 20 weeks. All classes are fully accredited.

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Get started in a new field: Technology, Business, Early Childhood Education, Media Arts, Health & Fitness, Exotic Animal Management & Training and more.

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Business Administration & Hospitality
Learn new skills in just one year to master a new career in Business such as Business Administration, Hospitality and more
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Health and Fitness
Learn new skills and start a career as a radiologist, nurse, Fitness specialist and more
icons representing computer tech and cyber security
Start learning the skills to earn you a certificate or degree in technological fields like biotechnology, Engineering and Cybersecurity
Icons that represent arts, media, theater, film
Media Arts & Photography
Capture your creative genius in your dream job by learning skills in Photography, Music Tech, Game design, Theater Tech, Film and more
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Early Childhood Education
Learn a new career in the field of Early Childhood Education, Registered Behavior Technician and more
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America's Teaching Zoo
The Exotic Animal Training and Management Program

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One of the best Community Colleges in the Nation, Moorpark College has been Selected as a Champion for Higher Education for the 5th Consecutive Year. Enroll NOW for Career Education and hands‑on, practical training needed to earn a certificate and open the door to a rewarding career. Or start on your path toward a degree. It all starts here!

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