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About Us 

At Moorpark College we are committed to providing a safe, supportive and welcoming educational environment for students who are undocumented and those who come from mixed status families. Through intentional events, services, and connections we aim to empower students, faculty, staff and the campus community. We offer: 


We inform and educate the campus community about the ever-changing political environment and share knowledge, updates, resources, and services to support students who are undocumented and come from mixed status families. This includes FREE Legal Immigration Services and workshops through the United Farm Workers Foundation. The Dreamers Workgroup collaborates to create further services and resources for students and professionals on campus.  

A Network of professional allies

We are on campus and we are committed to supporting students who are undocumented and those who come from mixed status families. Professional allies are familiar with the specific the needs, experiences of students and provide a safe space on-campus. 

Please feel free to reach out to us through email at mcdreamers@vcccd.edu with your questions!