Student Online Support

Have a question about accessing your online courses and technological needs? Please feel free to contact one of the resources below.


Moorpark Online Student Help:
Phone: (805) 553-4858

Monday-Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm

Friday: 8 am - 12 pm 

After Hours Support Phone Number: (844) 602-6290

MyVCCCD portal logo

How to find the portal : 

There are two ways in which your school portal can be found

1). Go to the Moorpark College Website, and at the top right hand corner of the website there is a logo that says "MyVCCCD", click on it and it will take your to you portal login.

2). Type in any search engine bar, "myvcccd", and the first link should say "MyVCCCD - Ventura Community College District", click on it and it will take your to you portal login. 

How to access Canvas. - Video instructions on how to find Canvas in the portal. ​

Never taken an online class before? Please look through OEI Online Student Readiness Tutorials to learn the basics of what it takes to be in an online-class environment.  

Introduction to Online Learning      Watch | Read | Listen
Getting Tech Ready      Watch | Read | Listen
Organizing for Online Success      Watch | Read | Listen
Online Study Skills and Managing Time      Watch | Read | Listen
Communication Skills for Online Learning      Watch | Read | Listen
Online Reading Strategies       Watch | Read | Listen
Career Planning      Watch | Read | Listen
Educational Planning      Watch | Read | Listen
Instructional Support       Watch | Read | Listen
Personal Support      Watch | Read | Listen
Financial Planning      Watch | Read | Listen


Canvas Logo

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Canvas Tutorials

  • What is Canvas?                                                                                            | Watch |
  • How to Navigate Canvas                                                                              | Watch |
  • How do I use the dashboard as a student?                                               | Watch |
  • How do I view assignments as a student?                    | Read/Practice | Watch |
  • How do I submit an assignment in Canvas?                 | Read/Practice | Watch |
  • How do I reply to a Discussion as a student?               | Read/Practice | Watch |
  • How do I take a quiz?                                                      | Read/Practice | Watch |
  • How do I view my grades?                                              | Read/Practice | Watch |
  • How to use the Cavans App                                                                         | Watch |


Have a Canvas specific question?  Please call Live Canvas 24/7 Help (844) 602-6290

*NOTICE: due to a temporary high volume of requests for Canvas support, you will get a quicker response by calling Canvas 24/7 support first (844) 602-6290

Canvas Guides

The Canvas Community 

ConferZoom Tutorials

  • What is ConferZoom?                                                           | Read |
  • System Requirements for ConferZoom                              | Read |
  • Participating in a ConferZoom                                             | Read |


Labster Tutorials

  • Technical Requirements                                                                                                     | Read |
  • Labster 101: Getting Started with Labster                                                                        | Read / Watch |
  • Student Dashboard                                                                                                             | Read
  • Simulation Basics                                                                                                                 | Read
  • How do I access the simulations that my instructor has assigned me?                         | Read |

Need additional help? Please contact the Labster Support Team