Kathryn Adams presented at the College English Association in Richmond, Virginia (on the topic of teaching writing with military veterans). She also presented at the Social Justice in Education Conference (CSUCI April 28) on the topic of teaching writing and expressive arts as “healing” in Haiti. 

Carol Cellucci l led a writing workshop at Write Girl, a creative writing and mentoring organization for teen girls. Details of her visit can be found at http://writegirlblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/07/summer-poetry-workshop-4-touch-taste-sight-scent-and-sound/

Beth Gillis-Smith received an HEH grant to study American Literature in Philadelphia.

Sandra Hunter founded the Razor Babes, “a collective of poets, artists, dancers, and performers dedicated not only to the written word but the spoken one as well.” Members of the group include Joelle Hannah, and adjunct English instructor, and Beth Megill, Professor of Dance. Their latest preformance was at the Cobalt Café on August 28. Details on upcoming events can be found at www.facebook.com%2fpages%2fRazor-Babes-RBAC%2f282977538434194%3fref%3dts

Sandra Hunter’s short story, "Modern Jazz Parade" recently won the Cobalt Fiction Prize. Sandra will be at the Word/Image Image/Word conference (NY school of art) in October, presenting a series of poetry text/photos .

Jeremy Kaye had his essay “Hard-Boiled Nebbish: The Jewish Humphrey Bogart in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye and Woody Allen’s Play It Again, Sam,” published in the anthology, Robert Altman: Critical Essays, last year. His latest essay, “Hemingway and Jews,” is scheduled to be published later this year in the anthology, Hemingway in Context (Cambridge). 

Jerry Mansfield recently took third place in the No Limit Texas Hold’em event at the Bicycle Casino’s Deepstack Tournament Series. This year he’s cashed at the Grand Slam of Poker series, the Stars and Stripes Poker series, and in two events at the National Championship of Poker

Sydney Sims presented at AEPL Conference (Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, Estes Park, CO June 30-July 3) on Literature of Enlightenment 1B.