SLO Rubric Instructions

To:      English 1A, 1B, and 1C Faculty 

From:   Sydney Sims, English Department Chair 

Date:    January 25, 2010 

Re:       Measurement of Research Student Learning Outcome (SLO)


As we move from measuring individual course SLOs to measuring progress toward our larger program purposes, we need to widen our assessment. To measure whether students have lost, maintained, or improved the research skills they learned in English 1A, we are now asking both beginning (1A) and advanced (1B and 1C) composition instructors to assess the research paper. We will compile all results to assess research skills as a whole, and then compare 1B and 1C with 1A to see how well advanced students are retaining what they learned in 1A. 

1A, 1B, and 1C all require research papers. We are asking all composition teachers to add one step when they grade this paper—namely, to assess the following three outcomes: 

  1. Sources are appropriate to the essay.
  2. Essay uses sources effectively, using paraphrase, summary, and quotation as appropriate.
  3. Essay uses MLA format correctly for both in-text parenthetical citations and  Works Cited page.


The English dept. will provide everything you need (you can also access the materials by going  to the "SLO Rubric" page) :  

  •         the rubric (with standards discussed and agreed on by the faculty);
  •         the assessment instrument (you will need to photocopy the attached original so you have one per student);
  •         the colored summary sheet (one per section): green for 1A, yellow for 1B, salmon for 1C;
  •         a return envelope with your section number(s).


 Instructions and information about the process:

The office staff will record the receipt of your summary sheets and throw away the envelope so your name is not attached to the results. Sydney will compile the results and keep the data for accreditation purposes. At the beginning of next semester, we will review the results and evaluate the process.


We appreciate your participation, feedback, suggestions, and questions. Thanks for your effort.