The Read


T H E  R E A D :

Show and Tell  for Grown-ups



The Read is a themed literary event where students, faculty, and LLR staff gather to share nonfiction work and art in all mediums including film, photography, poetry and fiction. As the event promotes learning through critical thinking, diverse viewpoints, and student-faculty interaction, all members of Moorpark College are encouraged to participate!  Shared works do not have to be original or serious in tone; they must merely be educational, inspiring, and presented with passion!



In addition to providing an outlet for sharing original works, The Read will expose students to written works by authors who have been marginalized because of their race, gender, and/or sexual orientation. In an attempt to broaden our perspective of concepts such as racism and misogyny which Academia often presents from a white, male-centric point of view, The Read will pay particular interest to topics which concern women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

November’s Theme:

Myths and Atrocities in Native American History   


Event Details:


Location: The Writing Center / Date: November 19, 2014/ Time: 5:30 pm-- 7:00pm

Entertainment: students, faculty, and tutors who have prepared related readings or





5:30: Brief Introduction


  1. Professor Susan Kinkella talk/reading on Native American Women

  2. “Longdancer”  article by Jen Mclellan

  3. Ideology & Deemphasizing Cruelty for the Sake of Heroification: Angie Hoover reading Howard Zinn  & “Happy Turkey Day” Clip from Addams Family Values

  4. Andy King

  5. Tracy Tennenhouse reading Sherman Alexie

6:20: Break for mingling & activity

6:35: Open Mic (5 minutes maximum each student)



We want to look at this topic from multiple perspectives, so all mediums of art (as well as thoughts from all different academic disciplines) are welcome. We only ask that you briefly explain how your piece provides some insight about the topic/theme. Unless you are planning on sharing during the open mic, you must submit your content for approval before November 17!!


Some Examples:

  1. Excerpt from a book (fiction or nonfiction)

  2. Poetry or short story (does not have to be original)

  3. Scene or monologue from a play or film (feel welcome to present as a pair or group)

  4. 5-10 minute TED talk on topic (introduced by you)

  5. Clip from a film, movie, or television show (this can be dramatic or comedic! SNL skits and youtube videos welcome. )  

  6. photography or music video



If you or one of your students is interested in sharing something at The Read, please contact Angie Hoover via email at