Office of Student Learning


As a public California Community College, Moorpark College is devoted to the democratic idea of making higher education accessible to all. The semester schedule of classes and the college catalog are produced through this office in conjunction with each College Division and the College Curriculum Committee. The Office of Student Learning exists to serve students, faculty, and the staff at Moorpark College.

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Please stop by our office located in A-104 for a visit or give us a call at (805) 378-1403.

Lori Bennett, Ed.D., Executive Vice President

Michelle Castelo, Senior Administrative Assistant

Alan Courter, Instructional Data Specialist
Phone: 805-378-1400 x1648

Kim Watters, Instructional Data Specialist
Phone: 805-378-1400 x1619

Carmen Leiva, Curriculum Technician
Phone: 805-378-1400 x1808

Copies of course outlines can be viewed in CurriCUNET. The Office of Student Learning has the original copies.

Please contact Carmen Leiva for information regarding curriculum, or visit the Curriculum web page for more information. NOTE: Any items going to the Curriculum Committee must be submitted through CurriCUNET. For submission dates click on: 

INSTRUCTIONAL USE ONLY | Contact Kim Watters at x1619 or or Alan Courter at x1648 or AFTER approval by the appropriate Dean.

NON-INSTRUCTIONAL USE | Contact Leanne Colvin at x1878 or for non-instructional room requests, such as; meetings, tutoring, workshops, and facility rental.