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Please see below for instructions on how to research current job opportunities:
Prior to being hired for an on-campus job, you must first apply through the VCCCD website.  This is called the ORAP Application.

If you are applying for an on-campus job, please fill out a generic student worker job application found on the district website (ORAP).  Click here for the generic on campus student worker job application.
You only need to fill this out if the position you are applying for is on the campus of Moorpark College.  
**Click here for detailed instructions for the process of obtaining on campus student employment.  ​​
After you have completed the generic application, upload your application to any of the job postings found in our job database.

Click here to look for and apply for jobs online from any computer with internet access.  Registration takes only a few minutes. 
To access the online job system for the State of California, click here. 

 NACElink: Browse local and nationwide opportunities.

Click here to post, update and manage your company job postings online for FREE at Moorpark College! 
Review resumes and cover letters of prospective job seekers.

It is the policy of the Ventura County Community College District to provide all persons with equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or veteran status.

If you need assistance activating your account, please contact the Career Transfer Center:
(805) 378-1536 (FH 110).