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The Career Services Office has several computer stations on which you can explore your career aptitudes, search for jobs and job information, write resumes and cover letters, send (internet based) email to potential employers, and do other career-related activities.


Software available in the Career Transfer Center and in other campus locations:

Kuder Journey Career Planning: Free
Kuder Journey is a comprehensive, online resource to help you plan for your career journey.  Learn about your interests, skills, and work values and use those results to build a personal career plan, explore occupational information, and plan for career success.  Kuder Journey also offers free career assessments.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter the access code you receive from the Career Transfer Center. 
Step 3: Create your own account by clicking on New Users to the right. Already have an account? Click on Returning Users to continue using the system.

Eureka: Eureka, is an online program.  The Career Transfer Center provides an extensive list of careers correlated to college programs, interest and ability inventories, and more.  Register with the Career Transfer Center for password.

Bridges: Bridges is an online program that will suggest careers that match your interests and abilities. It is updated frequently and also provides tips on interviewing and other career search needs. This is a great program to use if you are not sure what careers you can do with your interest area, because it will suggest many untraditional careers. Register with the Career Transfer Center for password.

Career Cruising: Students like this program because it matches what they like to do with many different careers. The program gives you a daily schedule of what people do in their careers, so you can find out what a job is really like. Register with the Career Transfer Center for password.

Resume writing software: Career Services has several programs to help you write a resume and a cover letter.

Career-skills software: Career Services has many interactive computer programs on which you can improve your career skills. Titles include: Ace the Job Interview, Managing Stress, Conflict in the Workplace, the Jargon of Business, Communicate, Accepting Criticism, Money Management, Power Learning, Resume Express, Basic Office Skills, Take this Job and Love it!, and Guide to Finding a Great Job.


                           California Career Cafe

Check out this exciting new website!!!...CaCareerCafe.Com 

It's the California Career Cafe!

This new site was created to promote student success on CA Community College Campuses by providing students with 24/7 career information. Get answers to your immediate questions, link to excellent resources, and find actions to take as you begin your career journey. Most importantly, this site introduces and connects you to Professional Associations. Today's employers want new employees with a good education and workplace experiences. While college can offer the education, it is difficult to provide the critical experiences, like internships, mentors, part-time jobs in specific careers that interest you... that's where Professional Associations can be an invaluable resource to help you successfully transition from campus to workplace.





Job Internship Listing

Log-in under Moorpark College; Password: raiders



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STATE AND FEDERAL RESOURCES  provided by the California Career Resource Network

California Career Resource Network (CalCRN)

California Career Center
(updates coming)

California CareerZone

California Reality Check

California Career Planning Guide,
Second Edition

California Career Café

ASVAB Career Exploration Program (USDOD)

My Future (USDOD)

Who Do U Want 2 Be



CCC Apply

Youth@Work: Talking Safety California



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