International Student Program

Download the Program Brochure:
Download the International Student Program Brochure

As you prepare for study in the United States, you will have many questions. You will have the opportunity to learn about U.S. customs and values, academic requirements for your studies and community facilities for medical care, banking, shopping and amusement. You will obtain some information from our office  before you leave for the United States, but most of the important questions can only be answered once you have arrived on our Moorpark College Campus.

The International Students Program within the Office of International Student Services and Outreach will assist you while you are in the United States. You should visit the office when you have questions and concerns. Within this office is the Foreign Student Adviser (FSA). The duties of FSA's vary from one campus to another, but most advisers are responsible for providing assistance on immigration matters, coordinating all campus and community services available to foreign students, providing liaison with sponsoring agencies and foreign governments and promoting interaction between foreign students and the college and local community.

Questions you have about academic procedures, expectations and requirements can be discussed with the FSA, who can help you understand the differences between the U.S. educational system and that of your country's system. The FSA can also help you get involved in activities on or off campus. Assistance is also provided on such U.S. immigration matters as visa requirements and regulations, school transfers, extensions of stay, travel outside the United States, work permission, and practical training. General or specific questions on immigration may be referred to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); you will be told how to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) concerning the taxes you may have to pay. This office is also a resource for directing you to others on campus who can help with your success as a student in the U.S.   For all of these reasons and more the International Students Office will be an important place to you during your stay here.

International Student Specialist:
Stacey Chen, M.Ed.

Office of International Student Program
Fountain Hall, FH 118-E
Phone: (805) 378-1414
Fax: (805) 378-1567