Instructional Technology & Distance Education Training

Instructional Technology & Distance Education Training

The training schedule can be found on the Faculty Development webpage Calendar.

To attend one of the trainings in the schedule, please contact Ashley Chelonis, the Instructional Technologist, at achelonis @ or (805) 378-1400 x1643. Check this page frequently for schedule updates!


Training Paths 

Desire2Learn Learning Management System

Choose this option if you wish to complete the first step in becoming certified for Hybrid or Online Instruction.  Desire2Learn can also be used for advanced web-enhancement of an on-ground course. Desire2Learn includes tools for: 

  • Gradebook for you and the students
  • Announcements, Email, Chat, and Discussion boards
  • Assignment dropbox with Turnitin plagiarism detection and GradeMark
  • Copying all settings and content from semester to semester

Desire2Learn (D2L) Lite

Recommended for faculty who do not require the complexity of a full Learning Management System for Distance Education, but would like to post documents, files, announcements, and grades for their class.

Course Delivery Methods

Various Distance Education course delivery methods require different levels of training. Following are the definitions for the Distance Education designations at Moorpark College.

  • Web-Enhanced Course: All of the contact hours are on-ground with supplemental material online.

  • Hybrid Course: Part of the course instruction and associated activities are delivered via the web and the other part is delivered via traditional methods.

  • Online Course: All instruction and associated activities are delivered via the web. (Note: Some online courses may require on-site orientations and/or testing).

Note: All Hybrid and Online courses must be approved through the Curriculum Committee and appear in the official Schedule of Classes as designated.

Training Requirements


Web-Enhanced: D2L Lite

Web-Enhanced: Desire2Learn

Hybrid or Online

Basic Computer Proficiency




Learning Management System (Desire2Learn)




Introduction to Online Teaching



CCC Confer



Desire2Learn Learning Management System

  • Prerequisite:  Intermediate computer proficiency and familiarity, including word processing, e-mail, and internet navigational skills. Comfort with the Internet, email programs, and mainstream software systems like Word, Adobe, and Excel are recommended. (If you do not have these skills you may consider taking courses through, provided in MyVCCCD under the Work Life tab.)
  • This workshop will provide an in-depth training on the tools and features of the Desire2Learn Learning Management System.


  • The On-campus training is broken into 4 sections for 1 to 2 hours each: Introduction, Communication, Assessment, and Advanced. To be fully trained for hybrid and online course instruction, all 4 sections are required. To web-enhance, only the Introduction is required. 


  • A new, updated online training is coming soon. 


Introduction to Online Teaching

  • Must complete this workshop or equivalent prior to teaching an Online or Hybrid course.
  • Prerequisite: Certification in district-supported Learning Management System (Desire2Learn)
  • Includes 2-hour on-site session and 10-hour online course (to be completed within 30 days of finishing on-ground session). Ten hours is an estimate, as each person has a different level of experience and knowledge. 
  • Introduces best practices and special considerations for online pedagogy.

Equivalent Training

Please consider these options from other institutions:  


Intelecom Online Video Resources

  • This training is optional and is not required to use the resource.
  • Designed for faculty who would like to include video clips in their courses, online and on-ground.

Attend an overview webinar at

  • This training is optional and is not required to use the resource.
  • Easily control plagiarism and improper source citation while students learn to understand academic-level writing

Complete the training online at

Online Accessibility

  • This training is optional
  • Learn about Universal Design standards for text, images, and media. Learn about simple ways to make your course and digital content more accessible.


  • This training is optional and is not required to use the resource. The online training is strongly recommended.
  • Designed for faculty who would like to include video clips in their courses, online and on-ground or create an online video playlist with secure linking from Desire2Learn (or other campus sites).

For user guides, go to