Most Frequently Asked Questions about ESL

1.  How do I register for classes?

You can register in person in Fountain Hall (“FH” on the MC map) or online at

2.  When is the last day to register?

The second week of each semester.  However, you should register before the first day of class so that you can attend classes from the beginning of the semester.  Semesters begin in August and January. 

Also, your teacher needs to know how many students are in the class.  Classes of fewer than fifteen (15) registered students WILL BE CANCELLED.

3.  How do I know which class I should take?

a.       You can read the MC Catalog or Schedule of Classes description of the class.

b.      Your teacher will ask you to write a paragraph on the first day of class, will explain the class levels, and will recommend the appropriate class for you. 

c.       You can also look at the ESL textbooks in the bookstore and see which ones are the most challenging for you.

4.  Where do I buy my books?

You can buy the books at the campus bookstore in the Campus Center (“CC” on the MC map).

5.  Can I buy my books online?

Yes, but you might not have them in time for the first day of school.

6.  How much does a class cost?

Each class is $46 per unit, and these are 4-unit courses, so they are $184 for California residents.  Non-residents pay $209 per unit.  International students pay $234 per unit - a minimum of 12 units is mandatory.

7.  How much do the books cost?

You can check in the bookstore in the Campus Center (“CC” on the MC map).

8.  Are there evening classes?

Yes. Beginning ESL T/TH 7-9:20 pm and Intermediate ESL T/TH 7-9:20 pm are offered in fall.  Intermediate ESL and Advanced ESL are offered in spring.

9.  What time are classes held?

Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 12:20 in the morning and 7 to 9:20 in the evening. 

10.  Can I change from daytime to evening (or vice versa) after the semester has started?

Yes, but you should change no later than the third meeting of the class.

11.  Can I change levels once the class has started?

You should speak with your teacher about changing levels.

12.  Do these classes transfer to Cal State U, UC, or other universities and colleges?

No, they don’t.  They are considered preparatory classes like English 3 and 2 or Math 1, 2, and 3.

13.  Do these classes count towards an AA degree?

No, they don’t.

14.  Can I take a class just for credit (no grade)?

Yes, you can.  You need to go to Admissions and Records in Fountain Hall (“FH” on the MC map) and request the change by the date noted in your syllabus.

15.  When I finish the advanced class, which English class can I take?

You can take English M03 or English M02 or take the self-placement test on-line (See English Self-Placement) into English M01A. 

English M03 reviews grammar, sentence structure and paragraph writing.  It does not apply to a two-year degree.

English M02 is the harder class and focuses on rhetorical essay writing.  English M02 applies to the Associate Degree (AA or AS).

English M01A is the first transfer-level English class and applies to the two-year degree as well.

16.  My English is very poor; should I take a class or should I study somewhere else?      

You can take classes at either Simi Valley Adult School or Conejo Valley Adult School before coming to Moorpark College.

17.  I understand and speak English a little, but Adult School ESL is too easy for me OR I have completed all the Adult School levels OR the students in Adult School all speak my native language, so I am not learning English

You should probably take ESL M01 (Beginning ESL), a college-level ESL course

18.  My English is very good; should I still take an ESL class?  How can I find out?

You should contact Professor Ramos at extension 1647.  She can advise you.

19.  I can understand English very well, but I can’t write very well.  Which class should I take?

You should consider taking ESL M02 or English MO3 and check with your instructor on the first day of class.

20.  I can read very well, but I can’t speak well.  Which class should I take?

You should consider taking ESL M02 and check with your instructor on the first day of class.

21.  Are there any other classes I can take together with my ESL class?  What do you suggest?

A full-time student needs to take a minimum of 12 units.  Consider a math class, an art class, an introductory computer class, a photography class, a music class, a dance class, or a fitness class.

22.  Are there other students from my country (Mexico, Korea, Japan, Iran, China, South and Central America, Vietnam, the Philippines, European countries)?

Yes, but our students change every semester. 

23.  Do the ESL instructors speak Spanish or any other languages?

Most of our ESL instructors speak other languages.  However, only English is spoken in the classroom. 

24.  If I can’t take an ESL class, which English class should I take instead?

Consider English M03 since it includes a lot of useful grammar information.

25.  Do I have to know how to use a computer?

No, you don’t.  However, you should learn how.  Moorpark College has several Open Access computer labs where you can use word processing (typing) programs and the Internet.

26.  Do I need a computer to write my essays?

Computer-typed essays are not required.  You can write in ink.  However, if you wish to continue your college career, you need to learn how to type essays and reports on a computer.

27.  How many ESL classes are there in the fall?

One combined ESL 1 and ESL 2 in the daytime and one in the evening. Both meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

28.  How can I get parking?

You can buy a parking pass for the semester in the Business Office in Fountain Hall (“FH” on the MC map). 

29.  Can I get extra tutoring at Moorpark College?

Yes, there are tutors at the Learning Center on the 3rd floor of the library.

30.  Are the classes hard?

No, but they should challenge you.  And, you can expect homework and active participation during class sessions.  ESL is a skills subject.  Therefore, you need to exercise communication skills:  listen, speak, read, and write.

31.  Can you help me with my visa?

Please go to Admissions and Records in Fountain Hall (“FH” on the MC map) for help with visa and other matters if you are an International Student.

 32.  Which books do I need?

You will need two books.  One is a grammar book and the other is a combination reading and writing book.  Individual instructors choose their own books, so you will have to contact them or the book store to learn which books are being used during any given semester.