Geography is the study of place and space. It is the description of land, sea, and air, and the distribution of plant and animal life including humans and their activities.  A comprehensive set of undergraduate courses fulfill the general education and transfer requirements of students through day, evening, late-start offerings, and online courses. 

Please select from the listings below to view the course objectives and expected student learning outcomes for each course:

        * GEOG M01 - Physical Geography
        * GEOG M01L - Physical Geography Lab
        * GEOG M02 - Cultural Geography
        * GEOG M03 - World Regional Geography
        * GEOG M03H - Honors: World Regional Geography
        * GEOG M10 - Geography of California 

The most rapidly increasing area of employment for people trained in geography involves planning at all levels: local, regional, and national. A background in geography is an asset in education, travel, recreation, industry, and international commerce.

Check out the Moorpark College weather station - created and maintained by the Geography Department!

Department Administration and Staff

Office:  EATM 212

Telephone: (805) 378-1459

  • Kim Hoffmans, Dean
  • Dominga Chavez, Administrative Assistant

Department Chair

  • Robert Keil, telephone (805) 378-1400, ext. 1765

Full-time Faculty

A list of full-time faculty offices, telephone extensions and Fall 2012 office hours.

Andrea Ehrgott, Michael Walegur 

Part-time Faculty

Part-time faculty list their contact information for students on their course syllabi.  In addition, students can leave a message for a particular instructor with the division office by calling (805) 378-1572.


Counselors who specialize in Geography, Chuck Brinkman and Candace Payton, can be contacted through the Counseling Office.

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