Institutional Effectiveness Reports

Annual Reports on Institutional Effectiveness:
Moorpark College


Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative:
California Community Colleges (SB 852 & SB 860)

The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is a collaborative effort to help advance the institutional effectiveness of California Community Colleges (CCC). Most importantly, IEPI will enhance the system’s ability to effectively serve students.  Per SB 852 and SB 860, CCC must development four framework indicators that serve four operational areas .  IEPI is jointly administered by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the Santa Clarita Community College District, which is contracted by the state to support colleges with the initiative through Partnership Resource Teams.  Implementation grants are available to colleges interested in receiving assistance and professional development from the Partnership Resource Teams.  Moorpark College's Institutional Effectiveness Indicators demonstrate the impact of our strategic work and our ongoing commitment to students' success.

IEPI for California Community Colleges 
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Summary of Moorpark College 2015 IEPI Indicators and Goals

IEPI Indicator Scorecard Definition Current College Goal
Student performance and outcomes
Course Completion Percentage of students who earn a grade of "C" or better or "credit" in 2013-14

5-year average:
72.2 %

Accreditation Status
Accreditation Status

Levels of Accreditation (ACCJC)

  • Fully Accredited, Reaffirmed
  • Fully Accredited, Warning
  • Fully Accredited, Probation
  • Fully Accredited, Show Cause
  • Fully Accredited, Restoration

Fully Accredited, Reaffirmed

Last visit: 2010

Fully Accredited, Reaffirmed

Next visit: 2016

Fiscal Viability and Programmatic Compliance with State/Federal Guidelines
Fund Balance Ending restricted general fund balance as a percentage of total expenditures 30.9% 15%
Audit Findings Modified opinion, material weaknesses, or significant deficiencies as identified in an annual independent audited financial statement Modified No Findings