Career Exploration

Career Exploration

The Career Transfer Center provides Career Exploration programs, classes, workshops and Career Counseling that can help you research career options.  This website is loaded with hands-on resources for your career development and acquaint you with options.
     Do you need help finding a job?  Check out our Campus Jobs information.
     Do you need to choose a major? Check out our assessments and workshops listed below!
     Are you curious about Career choices? Do some career exploration by checking out, "What Can I do With a Major In?" or EUREKA, an online Career Information System. 
     Take a course or attend campus presentations, workshops and events during the semester.
     Do you need some experience? Consider doing an Internship or volunteer work. Attend the Moorpark Career Expo and visit the Career Transfer Center for more information on internships, interviewing and resume building skills.  

Career Exploration programs: 
Eureka: Eureka, is an online program available to Moorpark College students that helps students explore career references, descriptions and career options.  
Career Cruising: Students like this program because it matches what they like to do with many different careers. The program gives you a daily schedule of what people do in their careers, so you can find out what a job is really like. 

Bridges: Bridges is an online program that will suggest careers that match interests & abilities.  It is updated frequently and also provides interviewing tips and other career search needs.  This is a great program to use if there is uncertainty about what careers you can do with particular interest areas. 

*Register with the Career Transfer Center for username and password information.

Useful Websites: Explore majors and prerequisites for CSU/UC Campuses
California Career Zone
California Colleges: Explore college majors and other criteria to match your interests by using the Undergraduate Student-Campus Matching Assistant
Bigfuture by The Collegeboard
My Next Move
My Plan
The Occupational Outlook Handbook-    O*Net
Roadtrip Nation

Students are encouraged to take COUN M20: Self-Paced Career Assessment.  This course introduces online self-assessment tools to identify and prioritize values, interests, skills, and personality attributes in a self-paced format culminating in options for college majors and/or future careers. Students will:

  • Attend a 4 hour orientation class
  • Take 5 career assessments to discover their career profile
  • Attend a 4 hour debriefing class
  • Learn what careers/majors fit YOU!
  • Earn (.5) unit graded, transferable credit (CSU)

Review the Moorpark College Catalog for more information about this course.


Another class option is COUN M02: Career Development.  This course introduces self-assessment tools to identify college majors and careers by clarifying interests, skills, values, and personality type. 
Students will:

  • Attend an orientation, midterm and final class
  • Participate in online exercises, assignments, and discussions
  • Learn what careers or majors fit YOU!
  • Earn 3 unit graded, transferable credit (CSU)

Various workshops are sponsored by the Career Transfer Center will be scheduled throughout the semester. Check back for more information!

Career Counseling:
Check with the Career Transfer Center for specific appointment availability to discuss major and career options, or consider taking a personal development career class.