In order to quality and be eligible for EOPS, a student must meet all the following conditions:



  •      I am a resident of California
  •      I am a full-time student
  •      I have completed less than 45 units
  •      Received the Board of Governor’s Waiver (BOGW) A or B (apply at http://cccapply.org)

                Meet one of the following requirements:

                                Not a High School Graduate/ Does not have a GED

                                High school GPA was below 2.50

                                Have been enrolled in remedial courses in High School

                                Scored below English 1, and/or Math 3 on the English or Math Self-Assessment

                                Previously and/or currently enrolled in foundational courses

                                Previously and/or currently enrolled in English as a Second Language

                                First generation college student

                                Emancipated or extended foster youth

                                English is not a primary language

                                Member of an underrepresented group



NOTE: All students must submit official transcripts from High School and any other College attended at the time of completion of the EOPS Application.