Student ID Card

The Associated Students Board of Directors sell Moorpark College student ID cards in order to help enrich and support student life on campus. The Board of Directors use the money from student ID card sales to fund student organizations, campus events and activities as well as student scholarships. Students who have a Moorpark College student ID card receive benefits both on and off campus.


  • $10 dollars per semester
  • $15 dollars for the year

Purchasing Your Student ID Card:

  1. You may purchase your Moorpark College student ID card at the Student Business Office in the Administration bldg. or on your MyVCCCD account under "Optional Fees".  If you are using myVCCCD, go to Pay Fees (under the Registration tab) and then click on optional fees and select either the semester or year option. See "How to Purchase" for more information.
  2. Please bring your printed receipt from either the Student Business Office or myVCCCD with you to the Associated Students and Student Activities office located inside the Campus Center # 152 when you come to get your student ID card. See "Getting Your Student ID" for more information.

Benefits of Having a Moorpark College Student ID Card:

  1. Free admission to all home Moorpark College athletic events
  2. Free admission to the college's Teaching Zoo
  3. Receive discounts to Moorpark College Performing Arts Shows
  4. Receive discounts at local businesses
  5. Receive a student discount on movie tickets at local movie theaters
  6. Receive student discounts on computer products and applications from national computer companies
  7. Receive student discounts on lift tickets at Mammoth & Mountain High ski resorts


Questions or Suggestions? Associated Students Office: (805) 553-4831