Student Identification (ID) Cards

The Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC) oversees the sale of student ID cards. Many companies and organizations offer discounts to students, as you'll see under the "Why purchase a student ID card?" section below. Also, the money generated by the sale of MC student ID cards goes back toward funding student life activities hosted by ASMC!

How to buy a student ID card

Students can purchase a Moorpark College ID online via their MyVCCCD portal. Just log in to, click on the "Register / Pay" tab, navigate to the "Payment and Payment Plans" section at the top right, and click on the link that says "Purchase Student Photo ID." Students who prefer to purchase their ID cards while on campus can visit the Student Business Office to do so. Check out the Student Business Office's webpage for its hours of operation.

After you have paid for the ID, bring your receipt (printed either from your MyVCCCD portal or from the Student Business Office) to the Student Activities Office to have your photo taken and your ID card printed on the spot. The Student Activities Office is located in the Campus Center, across from the Bookstore.

An ID card purchased for use for only one semester is $10, and an ID card purchased for use over the entire academic year is $15.

Why purchase a student ID card?

There are lots of great reasons to purchase a Moorpark College student ID card. Here are just a few of them that we think you'll like:

Students receive a lot of great discounts

A student ID card is a great way to access discounts and resources at Moorpark College, as well as discounts in the broader community! Sample student discounts include:

Visit,, or for more details about great student discounts.

Having an MC ID card makes it easier to sell back your textbooks

To sell your textbooks back, the MC Barnes & Noble bookstore requires that students present an ID that also includes their 900- number (MC-issued student identification number). An MC student ID card includes all the identifying information needed to sell your used textbooks back to the school.

You can get cool free stuff at ASMC-hosted events

The Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC) hosts a ton of events on campus throughout the year, like Club Rush, Movie Nights, and other fun activities. Students with valid MC ID cards are often entitled to free giveaways, like shirts or food, at these events.


It gets you into all MC athletics games for free

As an MC student, you can support any of our 16 intercollegiate sports teams at their home games, matches, or races for free when you show your MC ID card at the entrance. Visit the Athletics page to learn more about MC sports teams and to see their calendars.

You can receive discounted tickets at MC theatre arts performances

Students receive discount prices to plays, dances, and other events put on at the MC Performing Arts Center. For more information about upcoming shows, visit the Performing Arts Center website.


Many MC offices require valid ID for their transactions

Many student services offices, such as the Student Business Office, the Bookstore, and Admissions & Records, will require identification in order to provide information to a student. Many of these departments will consider the MC student ID card to be a valid form of ID.