The Teaching and Learning Center

Includes..MC Learn Ctr 

Resources for Teaching and Learning


TLC Services are free to all Moorpark College students.

Location:   Library/Learning Resources Building, Third Floor & Room 322


Tutoring Schedule for summer session 1 (5/23-6/15) -- Drop-in Only, No Appointments

  Mon Tue Wed
Math & Biology
3:30-5:30 3:30-5:30  
Writing & Communication (Speech)
  12-2 11-1
Writing & History
12-2 12-2  
Writing & Sociology
Carmel (not available 5/23 & 5/24)
11-1 4-6  

Learning Resources are available to Moorpark College students at no cost. These resources are provided by the Math Center and the Writing Center and include tutoring / individual consultations, workshops, print materials, and learning software. 

The Math Center (805-378-1556) provides drop-in tutoring for individuals and groups, workshops, print materials, and web-based learning programs. For further information, contact David Mayorga. Help is available for math, statistics, physical sciences, and related disciplines.

The Writing Center (805-553-4850) provides writing, study, and reading guidance across the curriculum through consultations (tutorials), workshops, print materials, and learning software.  For individual consultations/tutoring, appointments are recommended. 

Learning Center Outcomes

Students who use the Learning Center will be able to apply learning strategies and basic skills to succeed in college. The Learning Center enables students to:

  • Assess their learning needs and create individualized learning plans 
  • Use resources to develop the college skills and/or achieve the goals of their learning plans;
  • Acquire skills that develop life-long learning habits
  • Apply learning strategies and basic skills to independently succeed in college.

Writing Center Coordinators/Faculty

Beth Gillis Smith
Tracy Tennenhouse

Math Center Coordinator/Faculty

David Mayorga

Tutorial Services Specialist

Deb Brackley

Moorpark College is committed to providing an equal opportunity to students, employees, and the public, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran status.  Please call (805) 378-1403 or see the catalog for more detail.