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Welcome to the Moorpark College Writing Center, where you can grow your writing skills.

We are not providing email tutoring or appointments with tutors during the first summer session in May 2020.  Our summer email tutoring service will begin again on June 15, 2020. 

You can also use NetTutor, the VCCCD online tutoring resource:  

Virtual appointments will be available at the Writing Center beginning on June 17, 2020.  You can make an appointment by following the prompts here

Starting the second summer session on June 16, 2020, due to the campus transitioning to virtual/alternative learning now in place at Moorpark College, we will continue to offer tutoring via ConferZoom in an online format. All of our tutors are available as usual, so don't hesitate to give this new option a try! We have plenty of appointments available!

Please make your appointment below, as always, and you will be invited by your tutor to join "meeting." Make sure your email address that is registered with the appointment scheduler below is correct and up-to-date. Please save your paper as a GoogleDoc in order to share it online with your tutor, so they can give you live feedback.

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Writing tutors available by appointment.  Same day appointments are often possible. 
Drop in tutoring may be available if all tutors are not already booked.
To make a 45 min appointment with a tutor, use the scheduling system below:

Services include:

  → Individual Tutoring → Email Feedback
  → Workshops → On-line Consultations-Smarthinking
  → Writing Guides → Directed Learning Activities
  → Supplemental Instruction → Learning Software

Tutoring hours:

Mondays -  9 am-7 pm

Tuesdays  9 am-7 pm

Wednesdays -  9 am- 7 pm

Thursdays - 9 am-7 pm

Fridays -  9 am-12 pm


 Writing Center policies:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early to sign in.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes.
  • Students are limited to 1 session per day.
  • Students are limited to 2 appointments per week.
  • Students may request up to 12 appointments per semester.
  • A Writing Center Session Report will be sent to your instructor.
  • If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late, the appointment can be given to a drop-by student.

When you come in for an appointment:

• Identify a goal for your consultation/tutoring session.

• Bring your instructor's assignment guidelines (if working on a specific assignment)

• Remember that the consultant's/tutor’s goal is to help a student gain a greater understanding of writing or reading comprehension concepts and skills. The consultant is not permitted to edit (i.e. fix) a student's paper for the student or to complete homework for the student.

Individual Consultations (Tutoring)

The Writing Center has consultants available to work with students one-on-one on writing and study skills. These personalized consultations (i.e. tutoring sessions) are available to all currently enrolled Moorpark College students at no charge (see COL MO5 below).

Writing Center consultants will help students improve writing skills for courses across the curriculum (ex. English, Philosophy, Science, History etc), as well as for personal development or higher educational goals (ex. transfer/admission essays).

While appointments are often assignment driven, we recommend students come in as soon as they become aware of their writing or study/reading needs. The Writing Center consultants can help students discover ways to identify and clarify ideas, refine a topic, outline or map ideas, and develop the skills needed to work independently.

E-Mail Consultations

Students may send a question or an essay/paper to our e-mail at MCWritingCenter@vcccd.edu
Comments offer general feedback on issues you might want to address through your own revision and editing processes. We will only provide feedback 1 time per paper.

When sending a paper/essay, please provide the following required information:

  • Your name and your student ID number
  • The name of the course and the professor's name
  • The type of assignment (examples: narrative essay, research paper, critique etc)
  • Any directions from the instructor about the requirements of the assignment (examples: 5 pages, MLA citation, use classical argument etc)
  • What concerns you might have or your questions about the paper

A consultant will provide brief comments and guiding questions on the essays in order to help students better understand their own grammatical needs and to pinpoint the areas within the writing that may need clarification. The Writing Center responds only ONE TIME per paper.

Please use MS Word if attaching a paper.


COL M05 "Supervised Tutoring Across the Curriculum"

In Fall and Spring semesters (not summer), students need to enroll in COL M05, "Supervised Tutoring across the Curriculum," either before they receive Writing Center services or at their first appointments.  COL M05 is listed under the department called COLLEGE in the catalog.  Students can register at the Writing Center or Math Center.

COL M05 is a 0 unit course. It is not graded.  It does not appear on transcripts.  It is free to all currently registered Moorpark College students.

Once registered, students gain access not only to our on-site services, but also to our D2L course shell.  COL M05 registered students can find that shell by logging on to the MyVCCCD student portal and then clicking on My Courses.

Moorpark College is committed to providing an equal opportunity to students, employees, and the public, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran status.  Please call (805) 553-4850 or see the catalog for more details.

Writing Center Learning Outcomes:

In support of the aims for Writing and Reading across the Curriculum (WRAC) at Moorpark College, the Writing Center prepares students to:

  • Identify their individual writing or reading comprehension strengths and weaknesses
  • Use the resources that support their acquisition of college-level syntax and academic literacy
  • Apply strategies for initiating the writing process including identifying or refining a topic, using pre-writing methods, applying an appropriate rhetorical strategy
  • Revise (structure, development, and flow) and edit (grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and format) to improve the quality of their work
  • Comprehend, analyze, and integrate source material in a method appropriate to their disciplines and adhering to ethical codes of source use

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