Communication Studies

Speech is one of the most fundamental skills any student can acquire. Oral communication competence is the most highly prized and sought after skill in the professional world, and an indispensable requirement for succeeding in
all academic disciplines. The Speech Department offers both theoretical and practical classes. The College’s award-winning Forensics Team puts these skills into action each semester.

Full-time Faculty

Rolland Petrello
Department Chair of Communication Studies
(805) 553-4689 | PA-124

August Benassi
​Communication Studies Faculty
(805) 553-4685 | PA-114

Stephen Doyle
​Communication Studies Faculty
(805) 553-4686 | PA-117

Jill McCall
​Communication Studies Faculty
(805) 553-4690 | PA-125

Neal Stewart
​Communication Studies Faculty
(805) 553-4687 | PA-118

Performing Arts and Student Life Division Office

Dean: Patricia Ewins (

Division Office: | PA - 141 | (805) 378-1408


Anitra Evans

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