Full-Time Faculty

Tim Samoff

Tim Samoff

Tim Samoff is a veteran UX, game interactive, and web designer having produced and designed media and games for TDK Mediactive, Disney, and many more. After working in the AAA industry for nine years, Samoff then went on to design and develop serious games in the corporate world. Samoff is now tenured at Moorpark College and teaches game design and multimedia.

Having begun his career when he was only 17-years old, Samoff’s award-winning multi-disciplinary work has been featured in the news, in magazines and books, in film festivals, and on several music compilations. He has spoken at many industry events on a wide range of subjects, from UX and UI design to social media and online education.

Samoff has a BFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts and is currently in the process of completing an MFA in Interactive Design & Game Development at SCAD. He still finds time to design small mobile games and apps, pursue freelance UX work, and volunteer for worthwhile open source projects.

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Office: T-213L
Phone: (805) 553-4841

Part-Time Faculty

Jonathan Bair

Jonathan Bair

​Bair has worked in the game industry for over 10 years as a Game Designer, Level Designer, and Environment Artist. He has worked for several studios most notably Disney Interactive / Buena Vista Games, Atomic Monkey, and also helped Tim Burton with his online animation Stainboy.

Between working for game studios and freelancing as an artist, he has also taught digital entertainment and game design for seven years. Bair now spends his time focused on raising his son, Bastian, teaching at Moorpark Community College, and working on his own games at his company, Mind Factory Studios.


Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Tom Smith has made a lot of games. He wrote the first English rules for the mega-popular board game Settlers of Catan. He has made console games going back to the Nintendo 64 on through multiple Xboxes and Playstations. He’s made educational games for kids, PC real-time strategy games, and light-hearted comedy romps. He’s spoken at conferences and schools and has written articles for ancient things called magazines.

Most recently he’s been working on mobile games, including the Apple Design Award winner Where’s My Water?. Tom is currently a Lead Game Designer at Zynga, working on social mobile puzzle games such as Crazy Cake Swap.

Email: tsmith@vcccd.edu