Email FAQs

  1. Why when I try to login to webmail, does it keep coming back to the login page?
  2. What is this error?: Domino Web Access Warning. Sorry we were unable to process your request at this time. If you are unable to continue working in your mail file, please dismiss this warning and then select View, Refresh from your browsers menu.
  3. What can I do if DWA seems really slow?
  4. Why does nothing happen when I click the New Message, Reply or Delete buttons in DWA?
  5. Why when I use DWA, am I prompted to insert my Microsoft Office installation CD?
  6. Why can't I Create or Delete messages in Standard webmail?
  7. Where is the "Logout" button in the Standard version of webmail?
  8. What are email quotas?
  9. Why in Lotus Notes, are email messages being deleted from my in-box after I read them?
  10. How do I delete multiple documents at one time?

    Your web browser must be set to allow cookies or else the web access login will not work properly and will simply keep returning to the login page. Please see this webpage for help with browser cookies: cookies.shtml

    This error is known to occur in Microsoft Internet Explorer when the browser cache is full. To clear the cache, on the IE toolbar click "Tools" --> "Internet Options". On the "General" tab, click the "Delete Files" button within the "Temporary Internet Files Section". A prompt will appear: "Delete all files in the Temporary Internet Files?" Simply click the "Ok" button. This may take some time as your computer will now remove all the Cached webpages that have been stored to your computer. Once it is finished you may try to access webmail.

    The Domino Web Access (DWA) version of webmail needs both a broad-band internet connection and a fairly recent computer with an up-to-date browser. You can switch to the "Standard" version of webmail which works better on slower computers/internet connections. Please see the webmail information page for computer requirements and instructions on how to switch between versions of webmail.

    This is probably due to a Pop-Up Blocker. DWA uses pop-up windows for many functions and if you have not set your pop-up blocking software to allow for this, it will appear that nothing is happening when you click the New Message, Reply, etc. buttons. The best thing to do is simply set your pop-up blocker software to allow anything from

    Internet Explorer has a rich-text editor installed that is used to edit emails, etc. Microsoft office has a version of the same rich text editor. When Microsoft Office 2000 is installed, by default it has the rich-text editor selected to be installed on first use. This means it won't be installed until needed. When you try to compose an email, it uses that rich-text editor so Microsoft Office thinks it needs to install it, even though it is already installed with Internet Explorer. To fix this:
    On Windows, Click Start | Settings | Control Panel
    Double click "Add/Remove Programs"
    Single click "Microsoft Office 2000" to select it.
    Single click "Change"
    Select "Add or Remove Features"
    Expand "Office Tools"
    Click the down arrow next to "HTML Source Editing" and select "Not Available".

    This is probably because you do not have the Java Applet toolbar that contains those action buttons that normally would be displayed across the top of your standard webmail interface. For help with this issue, please see this webpage: java_problems.shtml.

    The logout button is located at the Far left-hand of the "Action Bar" ( the row where the "New Memo" "Delete", "Folder", etc. buttons are located ). If you are viewing your In-Box, this would be a button labeled "In-Box" with a downward pointing triangle. Clicking this button will display several view options along with the option to logout of webmail.

    Quotas are set on all email accounts to help the email server run more efficiently by preventing a large buildup of files. There is a "Warning Quota" that simply sends you a courtesy message notifying you that you will be reaching your maximum quota soon. This allows you some time to clean out old messages. The next step is the "Maximum Quota" and at this point you will be notified you will no longer receive any new messages until you clean old messages out of your account. Anybody sending messages to you when you are at maximum quota will have their message bounced back to them along with a note informing them that you cannot receive mail because you are at maximum quota. More details and tips about removing messages can be found here.

    Messages are not automatically deleted. What you are experiencing is a feature in new versions of the Lotus Notes software that allows you to view messages in your in-box either by "All Messages" or just "Un-Read" messages. There is a toggle button located on the row where the action buttons are ( "New Memo", "Reply", "Reply to All", etc.). The button furthest to the right will display either "View Unread" or "View All". Clicking this button when it reads "View Unread" will toggle your in-box to display only messages that you have not yet opened. Clicking the button when it reads "View All" will toggle your in-box to display all messages.