SPAM Information

The VCCCD utilizes a SPAM/Virus firewall to combat the enormous amount of email SPAM that is sent to our email system. We are receiving well over 100,000 messages each work-day and are blocking about 93% of all inbound messages as SPAM or virus infected.
Graph showing SPAM statistics
We make every effort to ensure that only SPAM/Virus messages are blocked but sometimes legitimate messages get caught in the firewall. If you have a VCCCD email account and are not getting expected messages or you are trying to send to someone in the VCCCD and your message is being blocked, please fill out this On-Line form ( make sure to include Time/Date messages were sent, email addresses involved, details from any error messages received ).


  • Never reply to to senders of SPAM
  • Never click any links within SPAM messages; even those that claim "Click Here to be removed from this List". For the most part, clicking these links simply confirms to the spammer that your email address is active and you will most likely get even more SPAM.
  • Do not use your district email address when registering with any website. Create a free webmail account ( Yahoo, hotmail, etc. ) and use that one for this purpose.
  • Do not open attachments that you were not expecting, even if they appear to be coming from someone you know.

Anti-SPAM websites
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