Application for Admissions

Special Admission


California Residency

Authorization To Release Information

This form is to be used when you need Moorpark College to formally certify your enrollment and/or GPA for any reason including health insurance, good student automobile insurance discounts, and loan deferrals.

Because your academic records are private and confidential, they cannot be released without your written consent as provided on this authorization. Complete the authorization making sure you identify what action you need us to take and attach any forms you need us to sign. Sign, date, and return the authorization with the appropriate processing fee to the Office of Admissions & Records. Please be aware of the processing time required for completion of your request as stated on the authorization.

Petition for Exception To Deadline

  • Petition For Exception To Deadline

    A written explanation is required for all petitions. Describe what extenuating circumstance prevented you from meeting the deadline. Attach documentation to support your request and an unofficial transcript. Your petition will not be considered if this area is not completed. Petitions require the instructor's signature for verification of accuracy of the written explanation of the student and the final approval signature of the Division Dean.