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Honors Program Welcomes New Coordinator

Professor Lee Ballestero becomes the third coordinator to the Honors Program, replacing now retired Cynthia Barnett.  Ballestero, Professor of Political Science, has much experience with the Honors Program, serving for many years on the Honors Program Advisory Committee, and frequently teaching the Honors: American Government and Politics (POLS M03H) course. 

The Honors Program begins its eighteenth year at Moorpark College.  Students completing the Program benefit and enjoy much success on their educational journey.  Just last Spring, 78% of the Honors program graduates who applied to UCLA, were accepted for transfer.  Several other prestigious institutions (UC Berkeley, UCSB, Pepperdine, and many more)  were among the destinations  of the 48 MC Honors Program 2017 graduates.  Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates!

Cynthia Barnett, Professor of Sociology, steps down as the coordinator of the Honors Program after 17 years at the post.  She was the second to direct the program, following Grethe Wygant, Professor of Mathematics.  Wygant, Barnett, and Professor Ranford Hopkins (HIST) were the original designers of the Honors Program, initiated in 1999.  Program beginnings were enthusiastically supported and sponsored by former Executive Vice President Eva Conrad.  The Honors Program continues in the spirit originally designed as an exciting and engaging educational journey, giving students opportunities to excel as leaders in scholarship.


18th Annual HTCC Student Research Conference- April 7, 2018 at UC Irvine

The deadline to submit an abstract for the conference is December 1st. The abstract should be emailed to the Honors Coordinator on on before this date.  Students are strongly encouraged to work with a facutly member in a discipline related to their abstract topic prior to submission.  More information on the conference and the type of presentations that you can choose amongst can be found at the HTCC Conference website, 805.553.4172