MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship Program


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We are excited to introduce MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship.  This is a new program created within the Moorpark College Honors Program in partnership with Moorpark College and UCLA alumni.  The purpose of this program is to provide personal guidance by UCLA students to Moorpark College Honors students to help ensure students transfer hitting the ground running.  


Student Testimonials:


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I took my first anatomy class at Moorpark college this summer (2021). I was overwhelmed and I ended up with a D on my first exam. So I reached out to the campus learning center and was able to be mentored by Trinith, a former Moorpark college student and UCLA graduate. I learned how to use an online flashcard program, developed a weekly study schedule, and learned about how to maintain motivation and good study habits. By the second exam, my test scores had increased significantly and I earned an A. Throughout my anatomy class, I was grateful to be able to meet with Trinith weekly to plan out my study schedule and have a source of motivation and accountability. I ended my anatomy class with an A and I feel more motivated to continue using my new study skills as I work towards getting into nursing school. Being in this mentorship program proved to be invaluable and I’m so grateful for the mentorship. I definitely recommend this program to my fellow Moorpark college classmates.




In order to transfer to a nursing program next year, I had to take Anatomy during the summer (2021) so that I can take the following courses afterward. I knew that it would be difficult, but I decided to take on more than I needed which caused my grades to suffer. I decided to meet with Trinith after seeing his flyer in the announcements of my Anatomy class. Meeting Trinith has transformed not only my study habits and mindset but the way I manage my time. He suggested certain techniques such as creating a flashcard system that improved my grades in the course. After figuring out how I would study for the Anatomy class, he and I decided to focus on the ultimate goal of getting into nursing school which changed my overall mindset on how I would approach achieving my goals. Those sessions allowed me to prioritize going into nursing school and never let other important things get in the way of that. I am extremely grateful to have met Trinith because through his guidance and support, I was able to change my mindset for the better. It is really important to implement counselors/advisors such as Trinith into students' lives because it goes beyond focusing on academics. He delves into personal aspects of a students life that allows his advice to be individualized and meaningful. Every student is dealing with their own struggles and stresses, so having an advisor like this would make a greater impact and help more students like myself.