MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship

MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship Program

We are excited to introduce MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship.  This is a new program created within the Moorpark College Honors Program in partnership with Moorpark College and UCLA alumni.  The purpose of this program is to provide personal guidance by UCLA students to Moorpark College Honors students to help ensure students transfer hitting the ground running.

Success By Prep

Starting at UCLA is a new world, and it can often take even the best and most-prepared students by surprise.  UCLA runs on the quarter system, not by semesters, which means the pace within classes is accelerated and more intense.
Students often transfer and feel like they go from being a big fish in a small pond to feeling like a small fish in a big pond.  Imposter syndrome can set in, as well as stress, anxiety, and doubt. These can combine and cause your GPA to drop.   

The Power of Mentors

We offer a powerful tool to MC Honor students in our mentorship program. Students get access to alumni who are a little farther down the same road. They will share what to know, what to expect, what to watch out for, and how to be successful.  Helping Moorpark College Honors students develop study habits and know how to access resources can be key to your success after transfer.

Find Your Mentor

To be assigned a mentor, contact MC2UCLA Director Adriana Perez at, who coordinates mentee/mentor assignments and will help facilitate getting started.  Review the profiles below to get to know our mentors. They are all ready to help!

Adriana Perez - MC2UCLA Mentor
Adriana Perez
Hi there, I’m Adriana! I am currently a senior at UCLA who transferred from Moorpark College in 2020. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Community Engagement and Social Change. I am also a research assistant in a Clinical Psychology lab and a mental health coach for UCLA’s STAND program. I can help with editing personal statements and tackling other aspects of your UC application. I’m also happy to read over resumes/CVs, assist in course planning, and provide guidance as you transfer. My area of experience is primarily within Psychology but I can also offer assistance in other areas within the Social Sciences.
Fady Michael - MC2UCLA Mentor
Fady Michael
Fady is a first-generation Egyptian immigrant who is studying Molecular, Cell, Developmental Biology at UCLA after transferring from Moorpark College. He currently does Molecular Biology research at UCLA, is a health scholar and phlebotomist, and is involved in several mentorship/enrichment programs at UCLA. 

Fady conducted research during his time at Moorpark College and gives advice on how to get connected with research both at Moorpark College and UCLA. He offers advice on how to study for the MCAT, difficult exams, and how to increase cognitive capabilities to the greatest extent!  

Jiselle Nakoud MC2UCLA Mentor
Jiselle Nakoud
Jiselle Nakoud is a current 4th year Biology major at UCLA and on her path to apply to dental school. Her goals from high school to community college have drastically changed given the immense opportunities and community she found at Moorpark College. Navigating through the UC system has given her insight on how to help and prepare community college students for this transition and what to expect in both the class and campus life settings. 

As your mentor, she is willing to answer any questions regarding transferring, advice on classes and time management, creating a plan to transferring, and more. She is more than willing to look over any PIQ's or college application essays including activities lists and resumes. Don't hesitate to reach out! Having multiple sets of eyes looking over your essays/resumes can assure you submit strong and well written work! 
Brian Zargar - MC2UCLA Mentor
Brian Zargar
I am a current UCLA senior majoring in Chemistry. After transferring to UCLA from Santa Monica College in 2020, I realized firsthand just how different UCLA is from community college. From the 10 week quarters, classes with 300+ students, and huge bureaucracy, UCLA is a completely different environment from what I was used to. Having mentors was a huge help for me in my transition. I particularly encourage STEM to reach out as that is where most of my experiences are focused. I am happy to share what I know. 310-402-3546 (If I can’t answer my phone, shoot me a text!)
Gabby Vilchez - MC2UCLA Mentor
Gabby Vilchez
Gabby Vilchez is a neuroscience student at UCLA. She can help you with brainstorming and editing your UC personal insight questions. Gabby has taken numerous community college courses and has earned A’s in all of them, so she can also help you develop effective study habits and time management skills to excel in school. As an incoming student, she will experience the transition to a big university and is happy to share advice on this with you as she becomes more familiar with UCLA's landscape.
Andrew Choir
Andrew Choi
Andrew Choi is a mathematics major at UCLA and attended Moorpark College for 2 years while in high school. Entering college, he was overwhelmed with the countless organizations, career opportunities and the difficulty spike of upper division courses. Although he struggled through his first terms at both Moorpark and UCLA, he quickly got acclimated with the change in environment. Now, he is looking to help others with studying strategies, navigating business organizations (as an active member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity) and talking through imposter syndrome.
Trinith Profile Picture
 Trinith Radhakrishnan
Trinith Radhakrishnan is a clinical research assistant, health scholar, undergraduate mentor, and student club leader at UCLA. After a very rocky first quarter at UCLA, he managed to successfully transform his study habits and earn nearly straight A's every quarter since. As your mentor, Trinith can help you to develop efficient study strategies, guide you with transitioning into competitive universities and much more! Contact: 703-728-8601
Naveed Pour
Naveed Pour
Naveed Pour was a child psychiatry research coordinator and journalist at UCLA. Upon arriving at Moorpark College, he had to figure out how to improve his study habits and time management to juggle the opportunities he found there. Transferring to UCLA for Neuroscience, he learned to navigate the many crowded and often confusing avenues to find work, community, activities, and more. He specializes in strategies to stay centered while doing every last thing you want to do, wherever you may be.
Sunny Kim_MC2UCLA_Mentor
Sunny Kim
Sunny Kim is a 4th year Neuroscience student with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology. She is an EMT, crisis counselor, and undergraduate researcher in child development. While UCLA appears to be a community of endless possibilities and resources, whittling down one’s choices can be an overwhelming task. Sunny learned to navigate the plethora of options and surround herself with a great support system. She can help with study strategies, time management, course planning, research and volunteering opportunities.
MC2UCLA Mentor - Mackram Hassanieh
Mackram Hassanieh
Mackram Hassanieh is a pre-medicine junior transfer at UCLA majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology with a minor in Global Health. He is currently a translational research assistant at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, a certified Emergency Medical Technician, and a member of a number of student organizations. He was also involved in research as a student at Moorpark College. When transferring to UCLA, he learned to take advantage of the many resources available to transfer students to ease into the rigorous pace of the quarter system.

As your mentor, Mackram will assist you in advancing your professional or academic aspirations by guiding you through the countless resources and opportunities UCLA and Moorpark College have to offer. This might include applying to related work or research experience, brainstorming and revising your Personal Insight Questions, reviewing resumes and CVs, or assisting with any additional requests that will ultimately enable you to transfer successfully!
MC2UCLA Mentor - Alex Yeghikian
Alex Yeghikian
Alex Yeghikian is a second-year neuroscience student at UCLA and the first in his family to attend a four-year university. He took community college courses throughout high school and holds a degree from Los Angeles Mission College, where he learned how to stay organized and effectively navigate course planning, academic policies, and program requirements. He can help guide you with and review your UC application, develop a course plan, and answer any questions you might have about doing research, succeeding in classes, or getting established at UCLA.
MC2UCLA Mentor - Ali Tazhibi
Ali Tazhibi
I am currently a senior at UCLA majoring in Biology and I am aiming to enter the healthcare field in the future. I have moved to the United States in 2018 and decided to embark on my academic journey by attending Moorpark College. Due to the nature of my situation and what was available to me at the time, I had to navigate my way through community college and find my path to UCLA. My experiences have now given me the insight I need in order to help students who are in the same position as I once was.

I am committed to answer any questions regarding the transfer process, the UC application, and ED plan based on your major. I can also provide you my insight on PIQ related questions and help you evaluate yourself as a transfer applicant. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. I would be more than happy to help you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of my amazing peers!
MC2UCLA Mentor - Alyssa Dehaven
Alyssa Dehaven
I am a 3rd year transfer at UCLA. At my CC I graduated with 3 AA-T’s in Social Sciences, Sociology, and Communications, was a competitive member of speech and debate, and a member of EOPS. I am now a gender studies major who is preparing for a minor in entrepreneurship and planning on attending law school post grad. I am also a member of UCLA’s Bahai club, a religious founded org that places an emphasis on community service. As a mentor I am more than happy to assist with application essays, research, advice on extra circulars, campus resources and clubs, project and time management, and any questions on transitioning to a UC. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
MC2UCLA Mentor - Maziyah Mayet
Maziyah Mayet
Maziyah Mayet is currently a 4th year Psychobiology major at UCLA who transferred from Santa Monica College. She is a research assistant in a clinical psychology lab that researches consciousness and is on the premed track. Having already gone through the transition from a community college to UCLA, Maziyah is aware of the struggles of transitioning and will formulate a detailed plan for your specific transfer journey. UCLA is an amazing school with a plethora of opportunities to choose from which can be very overwhelming at first. As your mentor, she will be available to answer any questions you have on the transfer process and will help find unique opportunities to make your resume shine!
MC2UCLA Mentor - Mini Mishra
Mini Mishra
Mini Mishra is a 2nd year neuroscience major at UCLA. Having taken community college courses before, she understands the differences between the environments of community college and 4-year universities. She wants to work to alleviate the difficulties that talented community college students face in applying to and attending institutions like UCLA. She is part of neuroscience and brain health related clubs on campus, and is training to become a volunteer HIV counselor. Mini understands first-hand how overwhelming undergrad can be to new students, and her goal is to not only provide academic and extracurricular-related advice, but to also help show new students the resources they have available for their own health and well-being at any college campus.
MC2UCLA Mentor - Ali Tazhibi
Nicolette Zargari
Nicolette is a junior at UCLA majoring in Neuroscience who transferred from Santa Monica College. In her free time, she enjoys oil painting, playing the violin and piano, hiking, and exploring new restaurants in Los Angeles. As your mentor, she can help you make the most of your resources during your time in community college before you transfer. She is also willing to answer any general questions or give advice on the transfer journey, look over your PIQs or any other college-related applications, and help you form effective study techniques to assist you in succeeding in your classes.
MC2UCLA Mentor - Sara Sevilla
Sara Sevilla
I am a first generation Mexican American student. I recently graduated from UCLA with a bachelors of science in Biology. I am on the pre-med track and currently volunteer at a non profit clinic as well as conduct ecology and evolutionary biology research at UCLA. Prior to transferring I was a student at both Ventura and Oxnard College. I founded a club called Sisters in Science at Ventura College, I became a club treasurer for Women in Stem at Oxnard College, and volunteered at the chemistry preparatory lab as well. Upon transferring from community college to UCLA I had to figure out on my own how to navigate the quarter system and its rigorous curriculum but during the process I was able to learn more about myself and my capabilities. I am here to help with any questions including time management, PIQ reviews, navigating life as a transfer student, and conducting research at UCLA. I am here for you and your transfer journey! Feel free to contact me via text or email. I am more than happy to share any insight for any questions you may have!
MC2UCLA Mentor - Sanam Vojdanpak
Sanam Vojdanpak
Sanam Vojdanpak started her college career at Moorpark College in 2017 and transferred to UCLA in 2020. She is working towards her Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a minor in Evolutionary Medicine. Her goal is for you to be successful at Moorpark College and fingers crossed, UCLA. She can help you achieve this by first and foremost, assisting with course planning to make sure you’re on track to transferring. Next, she will work with you to create a personalized study plan equipped with study strategies that will help you study most efficiently. This study plan will not only help you be successful in your courses, but should also allow you to have time outside of academics, which is equally just as important. Additionally, she can help you outline and edit any writing or essay assignments you may have. Come UC application time, she can help you brainstorm and edit your Personal Insight Questions. As an alumna of the Honors Program, she can address questions you may have about the program. With that being said, feel free to also reach out to her with any questions you may have about Moorpark College in general, the UC application, or UCLA.