MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship

MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship Program

We are excited to introduce MC2UCLA Honors Mentorship.  This is a new program created within the Moorpark College Honors Program in partnership with Moorpark College and UCLA alumni.  The purpose of this program is to provide personal guidance by UCLA students to Moorpark College Honors students to help ensure students transfer hitting the ground running.

Success By Prep

Starting at UCLA is a new world, and it can often take even the best and most-prepared students by surprise.  UCLA runs on the quarter system, not by semesters, which means the pace within classes is accelerated and more intense.
Students often transfer and feel like they go from being a big fish in a small pond to feeling like a small fish in a big pond.  Imposter syndrome can set in, as well as stress, anxiety, and doubt. These can combine and cause your GPA to drop.   

The Power of Mentors

We offer a powerful tool to MC Honor students in our mentorship program. Students get access to alumni who are a little farther down the same road. They will share what to know, what to expect, what to watch out for, and how to be successful.  Helping Moorpark College Honors students develop study habits and know how to access resources can be key to your success after transfer.

Find Your Mentor

To be assigned a mentor, contact MC2UCLA Director Adriana Perez at, who coordinates mentee/mentor assignments and will help facilitate getting started.  Review the profiles below to get to know our mentors. They are all ready to help!

New Website

MC2UCLA has a new website with a current roster of mentors. Please visit: 


Honors Graduates 2023



Fatima, Honors Program Student
I reached out to the campus learning center and was able to be mentored by a former Moorpark college student and UCLA graduate. I learned how to use an online flashcard program, developed a weekly study schedule, and learned about how to maintain motivation and good study habits. Being in this mentorship program proved to be invaluable and I’m so grateful for the mentorship. I definitely recommend this program to my fellow Moorpark college classmates.


Ginger, Honors Program Student
Meeting my mentor has transformed not only my study habits and mindset but the way I manage my time. My mentor suggested certain techniques such as creating a flashcard system that improved my grades in the course. After figuring out how I would study for the Anatomy class, I was encouraged to focus on the ultimate goal of getting into nursing school which changed my overall mindset on my future. Every student is dealing with their own struggles and stresses, so having an advisor makes a greater impact on more students like myself.