ASC Distinguished Faculty Chairs

Distinguished Faculty Award Procedures (2014-2015)

Distinguished Faculty Award nomination form (2015-2016)


Each year the Academic Senate of Moorpark College recognizes one Distinguished Faculty Chair.


1996-1997     Dr. Clint Harper, Astronomy and Physical Science

1997-1998     Daniel Patrick Brown, History

1998-1999     James Stemen, Music

1999-2000     Christine S. Ruiz Aguilera, Mathematics and Computer Science

2000-2001     Larry Miller, Biology

2001-2002     John Grzywacz-Gray, Photography

2002-2003     Dr. Frank Bianchino, Psychology

2003-2004     Dr. James Peddie, Exotic Animal Training and Management

2004-2005     Dr. Gene Berg, Chemistry

2005-2006     Dr. John Baker, Anthropology

2007-2008     Ranford Hopkins, History

2008-2009     None Elected

2009-2010     Sharon Manakas, Student Health Services

2010-2011     Del Parker, Kinesiology

2011-2012     Cynthia Barnett, Sociology

2012-2013     Sydney Sims, English

2013-2014     Nils Slattum, English

2014-2015     Gary Wilson, EATM