Planning at Moorpark College

Ventura County Community College District Master Plan

VCCCD Master Plan (2013-2019)


Moorpark College Educational Master Plan 2009-2019

In fall 2009, Moorpark College conducted college-wide planning to update its 10-year long-term educational plan. The Moorpark College Educational Master Plan 2009-2019 was accepted by the College's Education Committee for Accreditation and Planning (EdCAP) on October 27, 2009, and the VCCCD Board of Trustees on December 8, 2009.


Chapter 1: Introduction and Background

Chapter 2: Profile of the College's Service Area and Its Students

Chapter 3: Programs and Services

Chapter 4: Challenges and Recommendations


2014 Educational Master Plan Addendum - DRAFT


Moorpark College Facilities Master Plan 2005-2015

This Facilities Master Plan 2005-2015 is designed to further refine the 2002 Facilities Master Plan and identify specific new construction and renovation projects to be completed by 2015. The plan was designed to guide Moorpark College construction and renovation projects so that the college continues to provide quality higher education in an environment that is inviting, safe, and conducive to enhancing all aspects of the learning experience.

Facilities Master Plan Web Site

Bond Measure S Web Site

Projects List and Map

Facilities Master Plan Update August 2014

Moorpark College Technology Master Plan 2012 - 2015

Technology Master Plan


Strategic Plan 2013-2016

College strategic planning operates within the framework defined by the Educational Master Plan. This document is the second of three 3-year strategic plans that will cover the Master Plan's 10-year planning cycle. These strategic plans will guide the college in meeting the challenges presented in the Moorpark College Educational Master Plan 2009-2019.

Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Strategic Plan At-A-Glance


Enrollment Management Plan 2013-2016

The Moorpark College Enrollment Management Plan 2013-2016 is a three year College Level Operational Plan that supports the District Mission and Educational Master Plan. It aligns with an supports the Moorpark College Strategic Planning process.

         Enrollment Management Plan 2013-2016


Making Decisions at Moorpark College

Making Decisions at Moorpark College: 2015-2017

Making Decisions at Moorpark College: 2013-2015

Making Decisions at Moorpark College: 2012