The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V)


TEAS V Information

Applicants are strongly encouraged to treat this exam seriously, as it is weighed heavily in the application process. To assist in preparing for the exam, study guides are available through ATI.

 All Moorpark College Associate Degree Nursing Program applicants are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills version V (TEAS V) as part of the admission criteria. As of January 2011, Moorpark College administers the TEAS V due to new regulations by the California State Chancellor's Office.

The TEAS V is part of a statewide initiative to increase the rate of success in California nursing programs.  Screening students' academic skills and requiring remediation of weaknesses before beginning nursing classes will increase the likelihood of success in the rigorous academic challenge of nursing school. 

Moorpark College offers the TEAS V exam on an invitation-only basis to qualified Nursing Program applicants on several dates each semester. The TEAS V must be taken by the Nursing Program's final testing date following submission of the application. The dates that the TEAS V exam will be given at Moorpark College are listed on the Application Process page under "HOLD THE DATES". If these dates are not compatible with your schedule, you may take the TEAS V elsewhere (earlier) and have the results electronically forwarded to Moorpark College by ATI. Test results from within 12 months prior to application are also acceptable and must be submitted electronically, via ATI by the end of the application period. Not taking the TEAS V within this timeframe will result in an incomplete application.

The Chancellor of the California Community Colleges recommends a minimum "Adjusted Individual Total Score" of 62% on the TEAS V. Scoring 62% or above indicates that your academic skills are at a level that will help you succeed in the nursing program.  At Moorpark College, those scoring below 62% are required to complete specific remediation to improve their ability to succeed in the nursing program. It is very important to complete the remediation courses in a timely manner.  Deferral of admission is not allowed for incomplete remediation. Moorpark College Associate Degree Nursing Program also reviews the sub-scores of all applicants' TEAS V results as part of the application process. 

For details on how the TEAS V is administered and used at Moorpark College, please refer to the document titled "Administration & Use of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V)" located in the Forms, Links and Information section of this site.

The TEAS V is produced by Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI).  Information about the content and format of the test may be found at the company's website:


Taking the TEAS V

The TEAS V test is offered by the Moorpark College Nursing Department as a courtesy to qualified applicants to the program. An application must be submitted to the Moorpark College Nursing Program in order to be allowed to test here.

Students that require special testing accommodations related to diagnosed disabilities will have their testing arranged with ACCESS.  ACCESS is the program that assures all Moorpark College classes, activities and facilities are accessible to all qualified students.  For information on ACCESS, call (805) 378-1461 or go to the ACCESS page on this website, which can be found under the Services for Students tab.

Sending TEAS V results from other testing sites

If a student takes or has taken the TEAS V at a different location, it is the student's responsibility to send his or her results through ATI to Moorpark College. ATI charges a fee for this  service, which is the student's responsibility to pay. TEAS V exam scores will be accepted by Moorpark College so long as the exam was taken within the past twelve months. All TEAS V results must be received by the Health Sciences Department before the final TEAS V test date at Moorpark College. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the TEAS V test

How will I be taking the test and what do I need to bring?

This is a paper/pencil test. The test is proctored and is held at Moorpark College. No calculators are allowed. Scratch paper will be provided, and will be collected at the end of the test. You need to bring your driver's license, passport, or state identification card, and a pen or pencil. 

Those with a diagnosed disability that have a prescribed testing accommodation will be taking the TEAS V  in ACCESS.

How do I reserve a date to take the TEAS V at Moorpark College?

The TEAS V exam will be offered only to qualified applicants to the Nursing Program. A qualified applicant will meet all admission criteria and have an application packet that is complete. Once qualification is determined, those applicants will be invited to take the TEAS V exam on one of two or three test dates. See the "Hold the Dates" section on the Application Process page for more information and test dates for the upcoming application period.

What can I do to prepare for taking the TEAS V?

The company that provides the exam (ATI) has a study manual and online practice exam that you may purchase if you wish. Make sure to purchase the TEAS V version. Please refer to the company website for further information. The Moorpark College Bookstore does not sell the study manual.

Is the test really four hours long?

The TEAS V is slightly less than four hour test with four timed sections.  Extra time is added to the total testing period for short breaks in between sections.  You must take the entire test during the testing period.  If you finish early you may leave before the time has ended.

When will I get my results?

Results will be available within three to four business days from the testing date. You will be able to access the test results from the ATI website under "My Results". The Moorpark College Health Sciences Department has access to your results as well. If you are applying to other colleges, you will need to send your results to them.