Student Organizations

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Moorpark College organizations provide students with opportunities to experience personal growth and apply classroom theories, concepts, and principles to real life situations. Participating students gain valuable leadership experience while developing personal and professional relationships.

All student organizations must be recognized by the Associated Students Board of Directors in order to receive the benefits offered by the Associated Students. These benefits include: using the college name in all publicity, using college facilities, and requesting funds from the Associated Students through the Associated Students Programming Committee. The Associated Students provide funding to student organizations through the sale of the Moorpark College student ID cards.

Starting a New Student Organization

Students forming a organization must complete the following requirements, submitting the necessary information to the Student Activities Office, in order to receive consideration for approval from the Associated Students Board of Directors:

  • Have a minimum of four (4) members; organization members must be currently registered Moorpark College students.
  • Have a minimum of one (1) advisor who is a Moorpark College staff or faculty member who will advise the organization on college rules and regulations, attend all organization meetings, activities, and events; supervise the organization’s financial transactions, and give general guidance to the organization (See Advisor’s Agreement).
  • Have a written constitution and standing rules detailing how the organization will operate  
  • Submit a Student Organization Information form, a Student Organization Officer Information form, and an Advisor's Agreement.
  • Must handle all financial transactions through a Ventura County Community College District Trust account. A Trust account will be established after the organization has been officially recognized by the Associated Students Board of Directors.       

Students forming a new club or organization must also meet with the Director of Student Organizations before being approved by the Board of Directors. Once the club or organization has met the necessary requirements, the approval process by the Board of Directors takes two (2) weeks. Club and organization approval is discussed at the weekly Associated Students Board of Directors meetings, which are open to the public in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Students are welcome to attend.

See Article V of the Associated Students Standing Rules for more information.


Renewing a Student Organization

Each fall, all student organizations active during the previous spring semester must renew their paperwork with the Student Activities Office. Paperwork is available in the Associated Students and Student Activities Office, or online under "forms". Must be submitted by June 1, 2017 5:00 pm.

Student Organizations applying for renewal must submit the following:

Clubs and organizations that have been inactive for over two (2) years and wish to become active again must go through the forming a new student organization process.

See Article V of the Associated Students Standing Rules for more information.


Inter Club Council

Once student organizations are recognized by the Associated Students, they become a part of the Inter Club Council. The purpose of the Inter Club Council (ICC) is to encourage student life, diversity, and learning outside the classroom. The ICC will serve as the representative body to coordinate an promote communication and cooperation among student organizations on campus.

The ICC is composed of ICC Officers and a voting representative from each student organization in order to represent the cultural, educational, honorary, philanthropic, and social interests of Moorpark College students. It is required that a representative from each organization attends the monthly Inter Club Council Meetings, chaired by the Director of Student Organizations.

See Article V of the Associated Students Standing Rules for more information.


Programming Committee

Recognized student organizations and campus departments may request funding from the Associated Students Programming Committee. The Programming Committee exists to provide funding for student organizations and campus departments planning extracurricular campus activities, programs, and resources for the students of Moorpark College. Funding for the Programming Committee comes from a portion of the Moorpark College Bookstore surplus.

Student organizations and campus departments requesting funding must complete the Application for Funding. The Application for Funding should be returned to the Director of Campus Events at least two (2) weeks before the funds are needed in order for Programming Committee to meet and for the money be transferred, if approved. The Programming Committee has specific guidelines for approving funds as dictated by the Ventura County Community College District policy and Associated Student Standing Rules.

The Director of Campus Events chairs the Programming Committee and the Director of Budget and Finance and the Director of Student Organizations are voting members of the Programming Committee.

For more information, see Article VIII of the Associated Students Standing Rules.



For more information regarding student organizations, contact the Associated Students Director of Student Organizations, or the Associated Students and Student Activities Office:
(805) 553-4831,, Campus Center - Room 152.