Resources for current student organizations

This page is intended to help current student organizations successfully hold meetings and host events, among other activities. For more information on the guidelines or processes outlined in this page, visit the Student Activities Office, located in Campus Center (across from the Bookstore).

Expectations of student organizations

To be considered an official Moorpark College student organization and receive any associated benefits, clubs must:The Moorpark College FLeX Club leads its annual fitness challenge event.

  • Be formally recognized by the ASMC Board of Directors. All student organizations must be formally recognized by the Board of Directors in order to receive the benefits offered by ASMC. Benefits include: use of the college name in all publicity; using college facilities for meetings, events, or activities; and requesting funds from ASMC through the Programming Committee.

  • Participate in Inter-Club Council meetings. Formally recognized student organizations are automatically considered a part of the Inter-Club Council (ICC). The ICC will serve as the representative body to coordinate and promote communication and cooperation among student organizations on campus. The ICC is composed of officers and a voting representative from each student organization, and it is required that a representative from each club attend the monthly ICC meetings, which are chaired by the ASMC Director of Student Organizations. Visit the ASMC Board of Directors page for more information about the ICC.

  • Track your meetings. Take minutes each meeting and collect roll for all members in attendance at each meeting, and provide that information to the ASMC Director of Student Organizations. Clubs should also provide the Director of Student Organizations with scheduled meeting times so this information can be made available on the MC website.

  • Submit your renewal forms on time! Organizations that are active in 2017-2018 and wish to continue in the 2018-2019 academic year must submit the required renewal paperwork by Friday, June 1, 2018. See the "Renewing a current student organization" section below for instructions.

Policies, guidelines, and forms for student organizations

The following are resources intended to help you most effectively operate your on-campus organization. If you have questions about club policies or guidelines, please contact either the ASMC Director of Student Organizations or the Moorpark College Student Activities Specialist Kristen Robinson at

On-campus meetings, activities, and events

Unless otherwise stated on the form, please submit completed facility or equipment request forms to the Student Activities Office for review at least three weeks in advance of your meeting, event, or activity. The Student Activities Office is located in the Campus Center, across from the Bookstore.

Please note that the only indoor space on the Moorpark College campus that allows for the service of food is the Campus Center Conference Room. Please request this space on the In-House Facility Use form if you wish to provide food for your club and wish to use an indoor meeting room.Questions about the In-House, District, or Performing Arts Center Facility Use forms may be directed to Kristen Robinson at

Off-campus field trips or excursions

If you are planning an off-campus field trip for your club, you must submit the Field Trip Excursion Request form for the group, and each student participant must fill out the Student Participation Form. If you are not providing transportation to the activity, each participant will need to also submit a Non-District Transportation Notice. If you are providing transportation but a student opts to provide their own ride, that student must submit a Personal Transportation Waiver form. Travel forms are due at least two weeks in advance of the field trip to the Student Activities Office in the Campus Center.

Requesting funding from the ASMC Board of Directors

Formally recognized Moorpark College student organizations or departments can request funding for their student-centered activities or events through the ASMC Programming Committee. (Learn more about the students serving on the Programming Committee by visiting the ASMC Board of Directors page.) The Application for Funding should be submitted to the ASMC Director of Campus Events at least two weeks before the funds are needed in order for the Programming Committee to meet and for the money to be transferred, if approved.

Petty cash, purchase order, and other funding forms

The guidelines below are to help student organizations understand the process for which they can access and spend their account funds. Many funding processes require the use of a Requisition form. Only hard-copy Requisition forms may be submitted. Clubs may pick up a Requisition form at the Student Activities Office (located in the MC Campus Center), or at the Student Business Office (located in Fountain Hall).

Fundraising for your student organization

Some types of fundraising are permissible, but any fundraising ideas must be vetted and approved by Moorpark College Vice President of Business Services Silvia Barajas before the club initiates them. Silvia can be reached via phone at (805) 378-1412, via email at, or in person at Moorpark College in the Administration building, room 165. Student organizations can submit a Funding Application to receive financial support from the Programming Committee (see "Requesting funds from ASMC" section above).


Filming on campus

Students, faculty, staff, or local community members must submit an application for approval before conducting any filming or commercial photography on the Moorpark College campus. Please select the appropriate filming permit from the two options below, and submit the completed form to the Moorpark College Business Services Office, located in the Administration Building.

Creating or renewing a student organization

All active student organizations who wish to continue their operations into the next academic year must renew their club's paperwork with the Student Activities Office by the end of the current academic year. Hard-copies of the required paperwork are available in the Student Activities Office, with electronic versions provided in this section. Required renewal paperwork must be submitted to the Student Activities Office by Friday, June 1, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Student organizations applying for renewal must submit the following four (4) documents:

Students looking to create a new organization must submit the following five (5) documents:

Student organizations that have been inactive for over two (2) years and wish to become active again must go through the same steps as those students forming a new organization.

Additional resources for student organizations

Here are some additional resources that student organizations may find useful:

  • Canva: Canva is an online platform that allows for the creation of designs for web or print, including blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, and much more--all for free! Get started at

  • SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire and survey software. Visit to get started.

  • Doodle: This online software simplifies the process of scheduling meetings and events. Check it out at

  • MailChimp: MailChimp is an email marketing platform that allows people to create beautiful email campaigns for free. Start creating yours at

  • Google Docs: Google docs allows for the creation and editing of web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These documents can be stored online and accessed from any computer. Visit to learn how to use this free resource.

  • Transcript Addition form: Did you know that your official Moorpark College transcripts can include notes about your student organization involvement? Download the Transcript Addition form and submit it to the Student Activities Office.