On-Campus Posting Policies

Both college-based and externally based organizations and businesses may post flyers throughout campus so long as they adhere to the policies outlined on this page. 

External groups and organizations seeking to post items are encouraged to contact the Student Business Office with any questions: MCSBO@vcccd.edu; 805-378-1437.

Officially recognized student clubs/organizations and internal college departments can contact the Student Activities Office with inquiries: ASMCBoard@vcccd.edu; 805-553-4831.

"Approved for posting" stamp requirements

Campus-based departments, programs, or student clubs/organizations are not required to have a Moorpark College “APPROVED FOR POSTING” stamp to post on this or other mixed use bulletin boards or communal posting areas.

Any posters, flyers, or other materials which advertise instructional programs, student activities, or any other events that can be clearly identified as having sponsorship from Moorpark College may be circulated and posted without bearing the "APPROVED FOR POSTING" stamp, so long as the flyers/posters in question easily identify the marketing collateral as being affiliated with a campus-based program or department.

All other types of postings, such as flyers, notices, or posters from external groups, businesses, and organizations, must have an "APPROVED FOR POSTING" stamp obtained from the Student Business Office (located on the first floor of Fountain Hall). 

Approved posting areas and materials

Postings should be placed in a designated area that is not labeled for use by a specific department (identified by headers on top of the bulletin board or glass enclosure). Mixed-use bulletin boards and posting areas can be found outside of the Campus Center, on the first floor of Fountain Hall, outside of the Administration building (on the side facing the Communications and Media Arts building), near the drinking fountains inside the Academic Center, and along Raider Walk.

Flyers and posters cannot be posted on building walls, within stairwells, on round pillars/columns, or other building exterior spaces unless there is a mixed-use bulletin board.

You must provide your own tacks, tape (blue painter’s tape only), or stapler/staples. 

Removal of posted materials

All postings that do not adhere to the aforementioned posting policies will be removed. Posters for classes, events and activities that have passed/occurred or for promotional opportunities that have expired will automatically be removed.