MakerSpace at Moorpark College is a place for students and faculty to explore new technologies, to work on entrepreneurial and class projects and to gather with others who enjoy making.

In the MakerSpaces on campus, students can receive training on machines ranging from computers with sophisticated programs to wood working tools. Equipment is shared and available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our MakerSpace has moved online.  Students wishing to use the MakerSpace this semester can visit our virtual ZOOM MakerSpace via the link below.  We have MakerSpace Staff ready to assist you.  The on-campus MakerSpace is closed to student use until further notice.


ZOOM Virtual MakerSpace Link

(click the link above to access the MakerSpace ZOOM)

Fall 2020 ZOOM Hours

September 9 - December 16

Wednesday 2pm-5pm
Thursday 2pm-5pm
Friday 2pm-5pm


photo of students in Makerspace