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Catalog 2014-2015

Catalog: Program/Course Descriptions 2014-2015

Carnegie Unit (Units/Hours)

C-ID Moorpark College Approved Courses

Course Identification Numbering System (CI-D)

COR Units/Hours Calculation

Course Outline of Record (COR): Reference Guide

COR How-to-Guide: Completing a Course Outline of Record

CTE 2-Year Review Calendar for 2014-2015

CTE 2-Year Review Forms & Supporting Documentation Requirements

CTE: Navigating the 2-Year Curriculum Cycle for CTE Programs 

Curriculum Approval Process (Levels of Scrutiny)

Curriculum Submission and Meeting Dates 2014-2015

Distance Education (DE)

DTRW-I and BOT Approval Process

Filling in the COR Instructions

Five Year Review Schedule 2010-2015

Five Year Review Schedule 2015-2020

GE Instructions

GE Rubric

Minimum Qualifications Handbook 2012-2014 (MIN. QUALS)


SB 1440 PP Presentation

Taxonomy Verbs for CurricUnet

Taxonomy of Programs (Top Codes) Descriptions

Title V on Repeatability and Withdrawals

Transfer Degrees (ADT) at Moorpark College

Transfer Degree Status Report from CCCCO 5/26/14

Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Templates 

Top Codes by Program

VCCCD Articulation/Comparable Course List 2013-2014

Transfer Resources

Transfer Statistics

CSU A1 Criteria

CSU Reviewing Course Outlines

CSU GE — Guidelines

UC TCA Guidelines

IGETC Standards — V.1.4

Summary of Curricular Changes

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Certification Training for Local Approval of Credit Stand-Alone Courses (CCCCO)

Training Documents

    • 2013 Local Approval of Credit Stand-Alone Training [pdf]
    • Handout 1A, Assembly Bill 1029 [pdf]
    • Handout 1B, California Code of Regulations, title 5, section 55002 [pdf
    • Handout 1C, California Education Code, Division 7, Part 43, Section 70900-70902 [pdf]
    • Handout 1D, California Code of Regulations, title 5, section 55100 [pdf]
    • Handout 2, Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]
    • Handout 3, Examples of Denied Courses [pdf]