Career Transfer Center: Transfer Services

Welcome to the Career Transfer Center!
The primary purpose of Transfer Services within the Career Transfer Center is to assist you in successfully transferring to the college of your choice.  We provide student services to facilitate a smooth transition from a Community College to a university or college.

Transfer Day 2015
 Part of the Moorpark College Counseling Team

There are opportunities to meet with College & University Representatives.
Check out "College Representative Visits" for more information.
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**Transfer Information**

  • FALL 2016: If you are planning on Transferring Fall 2016 to a CSU or UC, remember that you must apply this upcoming Fall 2015!
  • The CSU application is available from OCT 1-NOV 30, 2015 and the UC Application is available to submit NOV 1-30, 2015.
  • Check out the Transfer Timeline if you are planning on transferring Fall 2016 to a CSU or UC.

See "Application Information" link on left side bar to access the applications and additional info (including the Common Application).
Also, check out our "Workshops" link to access a list of all upcoming application workshops.

**Services Offered**

  • College Catalogs & Brochures: General catalogs are available for students to borrow while visiting the center.  They typically are accessible online at the college or university's website.
  • ​Computers: The Center provides a few computers dedicated for student use with Internet access for transfer research, including grants and scholarships, college and educational research.
  • Counseling Courses (COUN): Refer to the Schedule of Classes for available courses such as COUN M01, COUN M02, COUN M20.
  • ​Online Resources: How to prepare and apply for admissions, useful websites to gather information on schools and general transfer information.
  • Transfer Degree Information: AD-T; Also make sure to check A Degree With A Guarantee to verify your major is deemed similar at the CSU(s) in which you are applying.
  • ​Transfer Planning Tools
  • ​Transfer Admission Guarantee Information
  • ​University & College Representatives/Community Connections
  • University/College Transfer Fair & Campus Events
  • Workshops

Students who utilize the Career Transfer Center resources will learn more about:

  • Exploring career, transfer, or work experience goals
  • How to prepare and complete transfer admissions processes

Remember: Students are responsible for meeting the transfer requirements of their designated program.
Transfer information may change, so it is advised that students meet with Moorpark College Counselors and prospective college representatives to review educational interests.

For each semester use the Transfer Planning tool as a guide:

For additional information please visit the Career Transfer Center
Location: Career Transfer Center (Fountain Hall- FH 110)
Phone: (805) 378-1536