Career Transfer Center: Transfer Services


The Career Transfer Center provides assistance to students who want to identify and meet major and/or career goals to prepare for a successful transition to a Transfer University and/or Career.


  1. Academic Counseling: Explore career, transfer and work experience goals and receive coaching on the transfer process.
  2. Internship Opportunities 
  3. Career Exploration Workshops
  4. University Representative Consultations


  • College Catalogs & Brochures: Printed copies of the Moorpark College catalog are available for use in the office only. Catalogs are also accessible on all college and university websites.
  • Computers: A few computers are available for researching transfer information, grants, scholarships and other academic information.
  • Counseling Courses: Classes  are available to explore degrees and majors. Look for COUN M01, COUN M02 and COUN M20 classes in the Schedule of Classes.
  • ​​Online Resources: Resources include how to prepare and apply for admissions, how to use the internet to gather information on schools, and general transfer information.
  • ​​Transfer Degree Information: Transfer Degree Information: AD-T. Also, make sure to verify that your major is deemed similar to the CSUs for which you are applying by checking  A Degree With A Guarantee.
  • Transfer Planning Tools
  • Transfer Admission Guarantee Information
  • University & College Representatives/Community Connections
  • University/College Transfer Fair and Campus Events
  • Workshops


*Remember:  You are responsible for meeting the transfer requirements for your major and desired transfer school. Transfer information may change so it is advisable that you meet with academic counselors to review educational requirements.  


Are you transferring to a four-year university this Fall? We want to hear from you! Complete the University Acceptances form and let us know all the schools to which you got accepted.

   *If you are planning to transfer to a UC school, let us know here...

    *If you are planning to transfer to a CSU school, a private university or out of state university, let us know here.

*The deadline to apply to a CSU or UC school for transfer next fall is in the Fall 2016 Semester. You can find deadlines on our Transfer Timeline link.

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For additional information, visit The Career Transfer Center in Fountain Hall (FH) 110 or call (805) 378-1536