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California State University Transfer Requirements

Disclaimer: The following information is subject to change. It is important that students see a counselor every semester to keep up with any possible admissions changes!

Basic Admissions Requirements

60 CSU Transferable units which includes: 30 units (minimum) of general education coursework (C or better) from either the: CSU General Education Requirements or the IGETC

4 critical courses:

Oral Communications
English Composition
Critical Thinking

Minimum GPA: 2.0

Deadlines to complete all of the above admissions Requirements:

To make yourself most competitive, you should complete the above requirements:
a. No later than the end of the spring prior to your admissions in the fall,
b. No later than the end of summer prior to your admissions in the following spring semester or winter quarter
c. No later than the end of fall prior to your admissions in the following spring quarter.

*Depending upon the semester/Quarter you plan to transfer, please meet with an Academic Counselor to discuss your options. 

Students transferring to CSU have the option of completing the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University General Education Certification Pattern. Students transferring with certification of general education requirements are assured that they have met up to 39 of the 48-unit minimum requirements for the bachelor's degree. Students transferring without certification of general education must complete the pattern of courses required of "native" students, as outlined in the catalog of the particular state university.NOTE: It is highly recommended that you meet the above deadlines; however, campuses may vary with these deadlines so please see your counselor!

What Is Certification?

Courses taken at the community college may be used to satisfy general education requirements for graduation from CSU schools. However, such courses must be specifically identified and verified by the community college before they will be recognized by the CSU campus. This process is called certification. Students who complete all of the requirements in Areas A through E of the CSU General Education Certification Pattern are considered to be fully certified by the community college. It should be pointed out that in addition to the community college coursework at least three more general education courses must be completed in the junior/senior years at the CSU campus.

CSU certification must be requested by students when the request for sending their final transcript to the CSU campus is made.