William "Briz" Brisby

EATM Founder

Moorpark College Faculty member.... 1968 - 1987
Director of the EATM Program.... 1971-1986
Retired.... 1987

Born - November 26, 1924
RIP - January 1, 2001

lynne and brisby
Bill Brisby and Lynne Doria - February 2000
(photo courtesy Lynne Doria)

brisby with bear cubs
Bill Brisby - approximately 1981 - Spring "Circus".

(photo courtesy Candy Lidstrom)

Bill Brisby was an amazing man - below is a testimony from an EATM graduate:

"Briz changed our lives and made us stronger people. He was a wonderful man, and being a part of EATM made me a strong hardworking person. I homeschool all six of my kids, (and they carry a B average or above), run the ranch, the house, and my husband is a disabled vet. People ask me all the time how I can do it. I can't possibly explain Briz, and EATM, so I don't try. I just answer that I don't know. But I do, and the lucky people who had Briz for a leader know too. There should be more tribute to a man who can push you exactly as far as you can be pushed to become the best person you can be. He knew where that line was for everyone. Some weren't tough enough, but of those who were, he made us the best people we could be. There are people who changed my life for different reasons, but Briz had the biggest impact on my life. I know my abilities and limits because of him. The man was loved deeply by many, and help make us stronger through his drive and efforts. All great leaders can lay claim to that legacy. He was great."

Melissa (Regis) Woodall - EATM class of 1986