Honors Program

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What is the Honors Program?

The Moorpark College Honors Program is an academic program designed to prepare students to transfer to the top colleges and universities of their choice, and to be effective contributing members in our society.

Honors coursework provides students with enhanced preparation essential to university-level work through exposure to research, writing, critical thinking, and analysis.  It challenges students to be creative, curious and reflective.  The goal of the experience is to extend knowledge, exercise mind, further talents, and open up to new ideas.

Honors students are provided support through mandatory counseling visits, participation in Honors club activities and a uniquely motivated student community, alumni and faculty mentorship.

Honors students take on leadership roles, and are part of a team of motivated learners. They work closely with each other and their instructors to explore and research a variety of subjects and special topics in unique ways. There are multiple opportunities to make connections and receive mentoring from distinguished staff and faculty. Those who complete the Program are most likely to stand out and make a positive difference in their higher education.

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What Do I Need to Do Once in the Honors Program?


  • Complete 15 units of Honors coursework at 3.25 GPA or higher, as well as overall.

  • Complete and document four extracurricular events

  • Complete an presentation before a body of peers and a faculty member (this can be completed and certified by an instructor prior to formal acceptance in the Honors Program)

  • Meet with a counselor each semester while in the Honors Program

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Getting Started