All course registrations and withdrawals are completed on the MyVCCCD student portal in the Registration Planner.  Items 1 though 5 below appear on the Registration page. 

1.  Pre-Registration Checklist
Complete the Pre-Registration Checklist to allow registration for the term.

2.  Registration Appointment Date
View the specific registration appointment date that starts the enrollment period for the term.

3.  Registration Holds
Holds can prevent registration. Clear holds prior to registration of classes.

4.  Registration Planner   
Select courses, list day and time availability, compare potential schedules, register classes, drop or withdraw courses by the published deadlines, and plan courses to register for the term in advance. 
Video Tour of Registration Planner 

5.  Student Schedule / Bill
View and print official course registration, dates and times, important deadlines, and the account balance for the term.


Registration Details