Zero Textbook Cost 

ZTC courses use digital textbooks and resources so that students incur no cost to access course information. ZTC materials are freely available and include items such as governmental resources, open education resources (OER), library databases, and other reputable material available at no cost online. ZTC courses do not require fees to access software platforms or homework sites, but may require materials that are not free, such as calculators, text forms, clay, or goggles.

ZTC = Zero Textbook Cost = Equity

As textbook prices rise, more instructors at Moorpark College have chosen to use these ZTC textbooks in their classes to cut educational costs for students. The benefits to students don't end with cost savings, as there is considerable research evidence demonstrating that students enrolled in ZTC classes experience higher rates of course success.

You can take classes with free textbooks! What would you do with the money that you save on textbooks? Most students say that they would these funds to pay for groceries, rent, insurance, and other basic expenses.