Raider Central (Basic Needs)


Raider Central Basic Needs


Raider Central Basic Needs program fosters a culture of holistic well-being by helping to eliminate life barriers, such as food, housing, mental health, wellness, and economic injustice that may jeopardize student academic and personal success.  

We support students by developing initiatives, streamlining communication with campus partners, and connecting students to campus and community resources. Please contact Raider Central for assistance:

Phone: (805) 553-4120


In alignment with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, students are not able to reach their full potential or come to school ready to learn when they and their families are concerned with getting what they need to survive and function. Learning falls in a higher level of the hierarchy and the foundation or lower levels of the hierarchy (i.e., basic needs) need to be fulfilled before the higher levels can be achieved (Prince & Howard, 2002). Basic needs that are often unmet for these students and their families include food, housing, clothing, and health. These unmet needs are often a barrier to student learning and wellbeing.

Basic needs insecurity is prevalent at both two- and four-year campuses, impacting students' persistence and graduation outcomes. One national survey found that 45% of students had been food insecure in the past 30 days and 56% had been housing insecure in the previous year, while 17% had been homeless.

Moorpark College’s Raider Central Basic Needs program is dedicated to helping students meet their basic needs so that they can spend more energy on their education.